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Commercial Grease Removal by NFP–A Needed Fire Prevention Strategy

Image Source Denver, CO –Nationwide Fire Protection takes grease fires seriously. We know that thousands of grease fires are started in commercial restaurant kitchens across the United States yearly, causing property damage, restaurant closures, and injuries. This is why we take a multi-pronged approach to prevent fires. Instead of just providing fire suppression equipment, we […]

When is Fire Restoration Service Necessary?

Image Source Denver, CO – Having a kitchen fire can cause a lot of headache for your business. The most common fire to take place inside a commercial kitchen is the grease fire. Most grease fires start because a pan is left on the stove unattended. Grease fires have been known to cause serious injury […]

NFP Explains Full Spectrum Fire Suppression

Image Source Los Angeles, CA – As the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) clamps down on ever more stringent standards for preventing and suppressing commercial kitchen fires, you must keep your establishment compliant. According to data gathered by the NFPA, between the years 2010 and 2014, over 7000 fires were reported in eating/drinking establishments. During […]

The Signs You Should Replace Your Ventilation System for Proper Fire Protection

Source Denver, CO – Your commercial kitchen relies on its ventilation system to control the air quality and prevent the breakout of fire. The components that make up your ventilation system include vent hoods, fire systems like sprinklers, pollution control units, grease extraction devices, exhaust systems, and make-up air systems. All of these systems work […]

Information about Fire Restoration Services for Commercial Kitchens

Source Phoenix, AZ – A fire outbreak is disastrous in any commercial kitchen. Not only does your business lose revenue while repairs are undertaken, your employees and staff members are left with no work until everything is restored. When a fire does spark, highly combustible materials within a kitchen environment can cause the blaze to […]

5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Fire Suppression System

Source Salt Lake City, UT – Cleaning up and updating the types of fire suppression systems Salt Lake City commercial kitchens use can provide a range of benefits. Aside from keeping the kitchen safe, regular maintenance allows you to ensure your fire systems adhere to local fire codes and are operating properly. Here are some […]