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Reliability + Quality + Consideration = Nationwide Fire Protection
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Quality Guarantee for Vent Hood Service in Denver, Colorado

Quality-Guarantee | Denver, Co

Nationwide Fire Protection Quality Guarantee that our fully-integrated services will save you both time and money, while providing you with the peace of mind that corresponds with a job well done.

Reliability + Quality + Consideration = Nationwide Fire Protection


We will always show up promptly and meet the required cycles of service to ensure only the highest of quality for a very reasonable price.

Quality of Work

When installing and repairing your system, Nationwide Fire Protection will always meet the local, state, and national requirements. Hood cleaning services will be completed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association #96 standards. If this isn’t possible, we will tell you why and what needs to be done to bring your system into compliance.


The site in which we work is guaranteed to be in as good or better condition than how we found it.

Quality Guarantee

We will respond at no charge to any concerns reported within 24-hours after completion of service.