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Understanding Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Understanding Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

The danger of fire is a reality for all commercial kitchens. A large amount of cooking, frying and food preparation on a constant basis makes the kitchen smoky and hot. Over time, the kitchen equipment and systems gather a lot of grease inside them, leading to an increased risk of grease fire, in particular. That […]

The One-Stop Shop for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Fire Alarm and Electrical System in a Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant

Running a restaurant business involves ensuring safety for the kitchen employees and visitors. When it comes to setting up a fire alarm system and electrical system in a restaurant or commercial kitchen, it can be difficult to navigate the complex maze of fire protection laws, codes and regulations. Whether it is the design or construction […]

Know When It’s Time To Clean Your Restaurant Ventilation

Know When It’s Time To Clean Your Restaurant Ventilation

When operating a restaurant, you should always remain familiar with the NFPA 96 fire safety codes.  A commercial kitchen or large restaurant needs robust protection against different kinds of fire hazards. In order to reduce the fire hazards in your restaurant, you should keep all the commercial cooking equipment and the kitchen exhaust system properly clean. Due […]

Commercial Hood System | hood cleaning | Nationwide Fire Protection | Denver Colorado

How Does a Commercial Hood System Work?

Commercial Hood System – Denver,CO: A commercial vent hood is your first defense against air-born grease vapors. The components are a must-have for kitchens that want to adhere to the National Fire Protection Association Standard # 96 (NFPA #96).  Your vent hood also helps to keep the air in your kitchen balanced and healthy for […]

Commercial Hood Installation| Exhaust Hoods | Kitchen Ventilation | Nationwide Fire Protection

10 Reasons Commercial Hood Installation and Cleaning the Kitchen Go Hand in Hand

 Commercial Hood Installation – Denver:  The National Fire Protection Association requires that all commercial kitchen operations take every precaution to guard against fire. The ventilation system of those establishments plays an essential aspect in keeping a dangerous and deadly blaze at bay. This is why installing fresh vent hoods is a good investment for restaurant […]