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A crucial part of setting up a commercial restaurant kitchen is the installation of the ventilation system. In a large kitchen, cooking and food preparation activities continue on a large scale, for hours on end. The amount of smoke, heat, and odor created as a result of this become a health and safety hazard. That is why a restaurant must be fitted with the most ideal commercial hood so as to make the kitchen and restaurant atmosphere safe and comfortable for workers and guests. A high-quality vent hood system eliminates heat and smoke and maintains the airflow dynamics of the kitchen in a proper and effective manner. When selecting a vent hood system, you should not work with just any company near your location. In fact, you should reach out to a service provider which deals in the finest quality of exhaust hood system. At Nationwide Fire Protection, we provide commercial ventilation hood installation performed by expert technicians. Our leading standard and premium quality of services have been widely acclaimed by a range of clients. For the last 25 years, we have been catering to the vent hood installation needs of restaurants, colleges, schools, pubs, and many other industries. Our exhaust hood ventilation services for large kitchens are available all throughout Denver, Colorado.   Free Quote (800)750-7313

The Most Ideal Ventilation System for Your Commercial Kitchen

Having proper ventilation in a restaurant is mandated by government laws. If you are the owner of a restaurant, you must comply with the national standards of ventilation to keep employees and visitors safe. There are two types of ventilation units for restaurants. Based on certain factors and safety codes, professionals will tell you which one of them suits the needs of your restaurant best. Type 1 exhaust hoods are the most resilient and engineered to contain grease, smoke, and heat. Type 2 exhaust hoods are designed to deal with only heat and moisture. Apart from this, you will need to get the right configuration of the hood, as per the design of your kitchen. Hoods are available and can be designed in multiple styles to match your specific requirements. Proximity hoods, wall canopy hoods, and island canopy hoods are three different styles that are very popular. Choosing and installing the most ideal vent hood configuration is of utmost importance. The right configuration will ensure air quality is consistent and high in the entire restaurant.

Features of Our Restaurant Ventilation Services

At Nationwide Fire Protection, we deal in all kinds of vent hood installation, makeup air units, and HVAC systems for commercial restaurants. Our professionals will fit your restaurant kitchen with the most suitable type of ventilation system, which fulfills the specific needs of your business. Regardless of how large your commercial kitchen is, we can custom-design ventilation solutions for the best performance. Whether you are already running a restaurant or you want to open a new restaurant soon, you can always turn to our experts for a wide range of vent hood installation, ventilation system maintenance, emergency exhaust hood repairs, etc. There are multiple benefits of installing a top-quality vent hood system and giving it regular maintenance. From keeping the energy consumption low and prolonging the life of kitchen equipment to avoiding costly repairs, our full-range solutions will offer you peace of mind. Each component of the restaurant vent hood system we deal in is conceptualized and designed in the United States. This ensures top quality and high durability. You can expect the components of the exhaust hood system to deliver the best performance going beyond your expectations. If you look for a cleaner commercial kitchen and purer air quality, our system is the best choice.  Free Quote (800)750-7313

Why You Need the Right Makeup Air Unit

Removal of smoke, heat, and odor from a commercial kitchen is only half the job done. The air that is removed must be replaced with fresh air from outside, to maintain the air quality in the restaurant. If the air does not get replaced, it can lead to a range of air and pressure issues in the kitchen. That is exactly why the role of makeup air units or supply fans is so important. A good makeup air unit performs efficiently and replaces exhausted air with fresh and pure air from outside. These units have to function in a balanced manner so that airflow and air quality are proper. Since there are different types of makeup air units, you need to select the right kind. If the units are a perfect match, you will be able to get rid of a wide range of problems in your kitchen. On the other hand, improper airflow balance will damage the quality of equipment and reduce the longevity of your HVAC system, which could lead to emergencies and failures.  Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to perform the entire installation of the vent hood, makeup air units, and ductwork. We have successfully installed thousands of these systems in large kitchens.

Talk to Our Experts for Professional Vent Hood Installation

Our vent hood installation process is correct and fast. Our experts will first give you a briefing on how the entire process will be carried out. You do not have to worry about pulling permits and other related tasks. From start to finish, we will effectively complete every step of the process in a professional manner. If you do not understand a thing or have some confusion, our engineers will address all your queries so that you are up to date with the project work. The best part about our installation services is that you do not have to lose your sleep over downtime. We offer a lot of flexibility and you can have our work as per your schedule. Once your vent hood system has been installed, you will have clean air in the kitchen and save on energy costs for the long term. If you are located in Denver, Colorado, NFP professionals are only a call away. You can also send us an email to schedule your free consultation for vent hood installation.