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Steam Pressured Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Denver, Colorado

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Keeping a commercial kitchen clean and well-maintained at all times takes a lot of care, attention, and effort. Cleaning is not just about vacuuming and wiping down the exteriors of the large kitchen area. In fact, proper cleanliness is about keeping every component of every appliance, equipment, and system in the kitchen clean so that there are no health and safety issues. If you plan to have a spotlessly clean restaurant while remaining compliant with fire and safety codes, you should always seek a reputed cleaning service with the highest standards.

There are too many areas inside a large kitchen that need thorough cleaning regularly. From the cooking equipment, dishwashers, and sinks to floors, each of these needs to remain clean. Grease, grime, and dirt on the ovens, grills, fryers, and vent hoods dry up and harden over time. Unless an ideal solution is used, kitchen cleaning is not done properly.

High pressure and steam cleaning is an ideal solution to perform the cleaning of a large kitchen professionally. A professional company uses these latest techniques to make cleaning proper and effective.

Our Cleaning Method is Fast, Flexible, and Effective

At Nationwide Fire Protection, we fully understand the cleaning challenges faced by large kitchens in restaurants, hotels, pubs, schools, food preparation centers, etc. To thoroughly clean each appliance, equipment, area, and surface, we employ an advanced solution termed steam-pressure cleaning. This technique delivers spotless cleaning in a fast and effective manner.

Cleaning the surfaces of a large kitchen can be easy. However, general cleaning will not remove fats, oils, grease, and other cooking by-products. These are too stubborn to go away with normal cleaning methods. Steam and pressure washing is the most suitable method to remove all these – even if they are accumulated in internal and hard-to-reach areas of cooking appliances and equipment. Grease, as you know, is also a fire hazard, which puts the lives of employees and guests at risk. Our team of cleaning experts has plenty of experience in steam-pressure cleaning of restaurant kitchens and large kitchens in various types of food establishments.

To make our kitchen cleaning highly effective, we combine cleaning by hand with steam and pressure washing. This helps us thoroughly clean the ovens, grills, fryers, hoods, ducts, and fans among others. In fact, our cleaning method attacks every grease catcher and gives it a bright shine.

Our Steam and Pressure Washing Cleaning Service Includes

From all the problematic areas inside the kitchen to the exteriors, our team uses steam and pressure washing to clean all the key areas. Our commercial-grade cleaning is the perfect choice to remove grease, grime, dirt, mold, and dust while bringing down water consumption to avoid wastage. 

The cleaning system we use is specially designed to clean busy environments such as large commercial kitchens.

We use steam and pressure washing to clean the following:

  • Kitchen floors
  • Dock areas
  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Rooftops and canopies
  • Exhaust hood systems
  • Cooking equipment
  • Oil refinery containers
  • Dumpster areas
  • Outdoor seating area

The Floor: General cleaning can make the kitchen floors appear clean. Our team of professionals will not just make the floors appear clean, but actually, make the floors clean in the truest sense of the world. We perform deep cleaning so that all the dirt and grime go away. We use special equipment and tools to make indoor floor cleaning both fast and effective.

The Exterior: While the interiors of a large kitchen require the most focus, the exteriors are also equally important. When a guest arrives at your restaurant, it is the exterior that they observe first. A messy, unclean, and dirty exterior can have a very bad impact on your business. Our steam-pressure washing service includes proper cleaning of the exteriors of your restaurant too. We use a range of equipment and tools to clean every space and area of the exterior.

Kitchen Hood and Filters: Thorough cleaning of ducts and filters are essential to prevent the occurrence of fire. These need to be cleaned to the bare metal. Using powerful pressure washing, our professionals conduct efficient cleaning and degreasing of the entire kitchen exhaust hood system.

Dumpster Area: If ignored, the dumpster area of your property can become the breeding ground for a wide range of harmful bacteria and viruses. Plus, it can attract different types of pests, which can infest your entire property. That is why this area also requires serious attention. Our services include proper cleaning of the dumpster area using a setting of around 2,600 PSI.

Outdoor Seating: Your customers may want to sit anywhere in the outdoor seating area. But if it is dirty, they will request you to seat them in other areas. This could be a reason for embarrassment and it will hurt your business. Whether it is dirt, dust, or extra-greasy space, our professionals will clean the entire outdoor seating area so that you can attract more new customers.

All the cleaning systems and equipment that we use for kitchen cleaning are of the best grade. Whether it is the pressure level, the flow rate, or the overall efficiency, our system is not just advanced but also delivers excellent cleaning performance. Our cleaners are highly trained to operate these machines properly and perform the entire cleaning project efficiently.

Do You Need Professional Cleaning and Sanitization for Your Commercial Kitchen?

The kitchen pressure washing system is specially engineered to successfully perform large-scale cleaning in a commercial kitchen. A clean and well-kept kitchen ensures you continue to get new customers. If you are looking for a service that offers advanced cleaning for large kitchens, you should head straight to the Nationwide Fire Protection, located in Denver Colorado. Our goal is to make cleaning and maintenance of large commercial kitchens stress-free for restaurant owners. Our cleaning methods do not just deliver the best cleaning results, but they also prolong the lifespan of the expensive appliances and equipment you use.

To seek expert consultation, give our office a quick phone call. You can also send us an email along with your cleaning needs.