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Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services in Denver, Colorado

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning | restaurant equipment provider | Nationwide Fire Protection | Denver Colorado

When operating a restaurant, one of the biggest challenges is to keep the kitchen neat and tidy at all times. Large and commercial kitchens remain busy throughout the day and most of the night. In the absence of regular cleaning, the kitchen becomes messy and dirty, which poses health and safety risks both for visitors as well as employees of the restaurant. That is why the cleaning and hygiene standards for commercial kitchens are very high. 

Proper and timely cleaning ensures guests and staff remain safe and you remain compliant to the necessary codes of health and safety. If you conduct the cleaning on your own, you can easily get overwhelmed. 

A commercial kitchen is a large space with a wide range of cooking equipment, appliances, and other expensive items. If you plan to carry out the entire cleaning of your restaurant kitchen in a professional manner, you should seek the help of trained and skilled professionals. At Nationwide Fire Protection, we offer professional cleaning services for large kitchens in restaurants, pubs, schools, food preparation centers, care homes, hotels, local diners, etc.

Importance of Cleaning in Restaurants

In today’s business environment, consumer experience matters more than ever before. If you plan to run your restaurant successfully, you should always offer your visitors and guests an unforgettable experience. Keeping your restaurant unclean and dirty is a surefire way to kill your business.

Visitors always look for those restaurants that strictly follow high hygienic standards. A spotlessly clean and tidy restaurant makes people feel happy and safe. Also, consider the emergence of social media in recent times. If a visitor comes to your restaurant and finds it unclean or dirty, they can immediately turn to Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms to post their opinions. Negative reviews spread like wildfire and they can ruin your entire business.

Poorly maintained commercial kitchens also pose potential risks in terms of the health and safety of the staff. Greasy floors can lead to different types of accidents injuring employees. Spoiled inventory is yet another risk that you might face if you ignore the cleaning of your restaurant kitchens.

We Offer Professional Cleaning for Large, Commercial Kitchens

At Nationwide Fire Protection, we provide professional cleaning services for a range of restaurants and commercial kitchens. Every kitchen has its own specific cleaning requirements. Also, different procedures are needed to tidy up the different parts and areas of a large, commercial kitchen. Our team of cleaners is highly skilled and trained. No matter what the size of your kitchen is and all the different kinds of appliances you have in the kitchen, our cleaners will carry out the entire cleaning project in a proper manner and complete the task within the given timeline. We ensure that each section and space of your kitchen is spotless.

Our comprehensive cleaning process includes:

  • High pressure and steam exhaust hood cleaning
  • High-pressure and steam cleaning of accessible, connected duct work and rooftop exhaust fans
  • Grease Containment
  • Grease Filter Washing
  • Chemical and/or Steam Washing of ALL types of appliances
  • Chemical and/or Steam Washing of ALL surfaces and shelving’s
  • Chemical and/or Steam Washing of ALL ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Cleaning and Sheila Shining of all stainless surfaces

Appliances and Equipment

Hobs and Ovens:

These are appliances that collect a lot of grease and grime over time. It is important to properly clean these, both the exterior and the interior. Deep cleaning is needed for hobs and ovens at the interval of every six months. Our cleaning team will conduct the cleaning effectively.


Following proper refrigeration, hygiene is extremely important, as it affects the quality and safety of food items. A special set of cleaning products and tools is required to effectively clean and sanitize the interiors of the fridge. Deep cleaning is needed weekly.

Hoods, Vents, and Exhausts:

Cleaning the hoods and the exhaust system is about the ventilation of the kitchen. To ensure the comfort and safety of your kitchen staff, you should always make sure that the ventilation system is working with maximum efficiency. This is why our cleaning professionals inspect and clean every component of the exhaust system in a commercial kitchen. If the ventilation system is clogged, deep cleaning is essential for its proper functioning.


The microwaves in a large kitchen also gather dirt and grime and this dries up and hardens over time. Whether it is about cleaning the spills or the interiors of the microwaves, our team is trained to properly remove all the dirt and grime and make them spotlessly clean.

Likewise, many other appliances need thorough cleaning for their efficient functioning. Whether it is the appliances or the countertops and floors, our cleaners will see to it that every component of every system is well-cleaned so that you can smoothly run your kitchen operations.

Sinks and Washing Stations


Cleaning of drains often gets ignored among so many other cleaning tasks in the kitchen. However, blocked drains can lead to other issues involving the sinks and plumbing work in the kitchen. Professional-grade draining cleaning is important to get rid of all these problems.

Grease Traps:

In a commercial kitchen, fats, oils, and grease are produced regularly. This is the reason cleaning grease traps is required by law. If the grease traps are cleaned properly, the waste pipe will not get clogged and the plumbing system will work efficiently. Our team of cleaners will carry out this task in a professional manner to avoid any clogging issues.

Waste Disposal Units:

All the waste disposal units in a restaurant kitchen need proper cleaning as well. Using the wrong cleaning products to clean these units can have its toll on the plumbing system. Our professionals will make sure the waste disposal units are properly cleaned.


Our kitchen cleaning services involve the cleaning of the dishwasher using suitable cleaning products. We use the anti-bacterial cleaner as well as sanitize the dishwashers for the best results.

Apart from these, the sinks, taps, and handwashing stations also need proper cleaning. Since these are high-touch equipment, sanitizing is also a crucial part of the overall restaurant cleaning service we offer.

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If you are the owner of a restaurant or a large commercial kitchen, you must pay serious attention to cleaning and work with only professional cleaners to carry out the project. Whether you require weekly or monthly cleaning or one-time deep cleaning, feel free to reach out to the Nationwide Fire Protection, located in Denver, Colorado. Have a consultation with our experts to find out how we can help you. You can give us a phone call or contact us via email.