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What is Electrical Interlocking?

What is Electrical Interlocking?

When running a commercial restaurant, it is essential to set up the electrical system in a way that ensures smooth operation. Improper switching is a critical issue in an electrical circuit system. To avoid such issues and safeguard the operator as well as the equipment, electrical engineers employ a unique technology, which is referred to as electric or electrical interlocking. Overall, this system enhances the safety of all the staff and visitors inside a building or facility.

Here is a quick look at how an electrical interlocking is installed, what kind of features it has, and how it can protect the machines in an electrical system and prevent the hazard power source in a facility.

Introduction Electrical Interlocking

Electric interlocking is a special technique, which is used to create an efficient power circuit system where all the disconnectors, earthing switches, and circuit breakers operate in a proper and safe manner.

Interlocks are often installed at substations, industrial units, and a number of commercial establishments such as hotels, retail stores, restaurants, etc. In order for the electrical circuit system to work efficiently, interlocks with isolators and switch gears are installed and used by business owners. If the machine operator switches off earthing without opening the isolator, this human error can lead to a number of issues and affect the overall operation of a business.

Features and Facilities

The main function of an electrical interlock is to eliminate the dependency of one function or mechanism on another. 

The interlock system can be a combination of multiple systems including electrical and mechanical devices. Interlock ensures that one machine doesn’t change its state due to a change in the state of another mechanism, thereby protecting the machine as well as the people around it. In business establishments, interlocking is commonly used in generators. This is to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transfer of power between the generator and the main source.

The interlock consists of one or multiple interlock switches. The switch has a guard door, which prevents the power source from any kind of hazards. Once the guard door has opened, it immediately cuts off the power supply to the machine. Engineers design and use several types of interlock switches to suit the specific requirements of the electrical system in various facilities. Each interlock switch comes with its own features and characteristics. Based on the conditions in your establishment, you can install the most suitable switches. These switches are designed to perform efficiently even in the most extreme conditions.   

Electrical Interlocking Design

The design of an interlock depends on its specific type. A mechanical interlock has a different design than that of an electrical interlocking. In an electrical interlock, no manual operation is required. The entire system functions automatically using the electrical circuits, relays, and switches.

Electrical interlocks can be categorized into a) Power Interlocking and b) Control Interlocking. Power interlocking is a feature that suits operations that use low voltage. If you use heavy-duty industrial machinery, this type of interlock will not suffice. For high voltage operations, control interlocking is the ideal match. In this type of interlocking, the electrical circuit switches off to stop the hazard power source. The design of the interlock will be determined after an assessment of the conditions in which the feature will be employed. Engineers will take into account the exposure of the hazard to design the most ideal interlock for a facility.

Electrical Interlocking Installation

The installation of an electrical interlock is a complicated procedure, which needs to be done strictly by professionals. For a successful installation, technicians need to consider a number of factors.

Whether it is the selection of the mounting bolts and gland for conduit entry or use of the mechanical stop or the placement of the actuator, all of this requires a great deal of experience and skills. At Nationwide Fire Protection, we have a highly competent team of electrical engineers and technicians who carry multiple years of experience in the installation of interlocks. Our professionals pay close attention to the selection and use of each crucial component.

After the installation is complete, our experts will conduct a review of all the operations to make sure all the electrical circuits as well as all the locking functions carry out their functions with maximum efficiency.

Electrical Interlocking Replacement

At Nationwide Fire Protection, we possess deep expertise in the design and functions of electrical interlocking. If the interlock or one or more of its components fails to do their job due to wear and tear, our professionals will locate the troubling parts and then replace them with new ones.

Replacement of the interlock should always be done by highly trained technicians. We are an ideal match for this task.

Electrical Interlocking Repair and Maintenance

Whether you use the interlocking system in a generator or other electrical systems, it is crucial to keep it in good shape. The whole purpose of such a system will be defeated, if it doesn’t work properly. Worse still, minor issues can turn into bigger problems and put the lives of people at risk.

Apart from design and installation, we also provide repair and maintenance services for all types of electrical interlocking in commercial facilities and business establishments. As per your needs, our professionals are always at your service to take proper care of your interlock. If you spot an issue, feel free to reach out to Nationwide Faire Protection and we’ll send our team of technicians to your facility for troubleshooting the problem and fixing it correctly and swiftly.

Talk to an Interlocking Specialist

If you have an additional question or want to install an electrical interlocking system in your facility, head over to Nationwide Fire Protection. Based in Denver, Colorado, we serve a wide range of businesses including large restaurants, commercial kitchens, dining facilities, retail stores, and cafeterias with professional electrical interlocking design, installation, and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure smooth operation of the electrical system in your facility, provide safety to the people around it while minimizing your business downtime.

You can reach out to our professionals via a phone call or write us an email using the contact form on our website.


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