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Fire Restoration Services for Restaurants Denver, CO

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For all restaurant owners, the biggest and the most dangerous risk is the risk of fire. If you operate a restaurant or a large commercial kitchen, your first priority must be having your fire suppression equipment in excellent functioning condition. You never know when a fire can break out and how much devastation it can cause. It is of paramount importance to plan ahead of time and make sure the fire protection system of your large kitchen is ready to function at a moment’s notice. Not having powerful fire extinguishers and high quality fire suppression systems can lead to a great loss of life and property and can even lead to business closure. 

The purpose of using a fire restoration service is to expedite the reopening procedure of a restaurant after a fire accident. If you want to make the best use of time and eliminate your worries, you should always choose to work with a fire protection company which is reputed and trustworthy.

Fire Restoration Services Shield Your Valuable Investment

After the occurrence of a dangerous fire inside a commercial kitchen, a restaurant can not operate anymore. The business stays shut until a fire restoration service does its job in a proper manner. Shutting down of a business simply translates to a great deal of financial loss. If your restaurant was closed in the wake of a fire accident, you should immediately reach out to Nationwide Fire Protection. Our fire restoration service focuses on completing all the necessary steps in a professional manner. Due to the exceptional quality of our services, you can expect your closed business to reopen as quickly as possible. Our agency is easily reachable via a phone call or email. If your business is located in Denver, Colorado, get in touch with us now. Our fire restoration service is one of the best in the entire area.

The Importance of Thorough and Efficient Fire Restoration

Restoring a restaurant after a fire takes lots of hard work and knowledgeable personnel. No matter how small the fire, all that smoke and, soot and intense heat can still damage areas that you may think are far away from where the fire originated. This means that your dining areas must be closed down, as well as your kitchen, until every aspect of your commercial kitchen business has been scrubbed and inspected for cleanliness.

At Nationwide Fire Protection, we understand the importance of getting dining areas and kitchens as clean as possible following a disastrous fire breakout. Even if your restaurant has been damaged, if a particular room has been gutted by fire, or if fire has damaged your entire restaurant from top to bottom, our fire restoration specialists can help.

From the walls of your establishment to the roof, windows, and doors, dining areas and kitchen areas, and every other aspect of your restaurant, we can get your business back up to full operation on a schedule that works for you.

In addition to our knowledge of fire restoration and vast experience, we also understand that time is money, particularly in the restaurant business. For that reason, we strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your fire restoration, kitchen cleaning, and other commercial kitchen needs.

We only hire and retain the most highly skilled and experienced fire restoration technicians. Each of our fire restorers is licensed and qualified to make electrical, mechanical, as well as fire protection-related repairs. However, your restaurant needs to look appealing to customers post-fire. For that reason, we also perform cosmetic repairs. This means that we can help with all aspects of fire restoration, which will ensure your restaurant is ever closer to being open for business.

If speed and quality of work are important to you, when your restaurant has been damaged by fire, our fire restoration experts can protect your investment with the highest levels of efficiency and craftsmanship. Call today in Denver,Colorado for a free quote.

Why Nationwide Fire Protection Should Be Your Fire Restoration Service

Comprehensive Inspections

 Immediately after fire has damaged your restaurant, give Nationwide Fire Protection a call. We will conduct a comprehensive post-fire inspection that assesses all damage, including those of a mechanical, structural, electrical, and cosmetic in nature.

Complete & Transparent Quotes

Once an inspection has been completed, we will provide you with a complete list of all fire restoration repairs that must be performed before the restaurant can reopen. You can expect your free quote to be void of hidden charges or fees. What you see is what you get when you work with our quotes and you can guarantee quality and efficiency with every fire restoration project.

Fire Restoration Tools & Expertise

When it’s time to get to work on your restaurant, we pull out all the stops. We have the necessary chemicals that are both powerful and safe to use on commercial kitchen establishments. We also use high-powered steam to remove your restaurant of fire and smoke damage. Our personnel will use industrial strength machines, along with these safe chemicals and steam, to wash all appliances, surfaces, ceilings, walls, and floors. The end goal is to remove all evidence of fire so that your restaurant can reopen with all-new fanfare.

Our Experts Perform All Repairs

Because we are a one-stop-shop for all fire restoration services, we can perform all the necessary work in-house. That means that we don’t work with outside contractors. Instead, you can rely on the expertise of qualified professionals who know how to perform fire restoration with utmost quality and efficiency.

We Replace All Necessary Equipment

In many cases, your restaurant fire will have damaged your cooking equipment or your HVAC system. Whatever pieces of equipment need to be repaired or replaced, we can take care of it so you don’t have to. We will get your restaurant back to full operation while giving you much-needed peace of mind.

Our Quality Assurance is Second to None

Once fire restoration has been completed, we will provide you with a full inspection, going so far as to test all pieces of equipment to ensure optimal performance. Our goal is to have your restaurant just as good as it was prior to the fire so that you can open for business and start accepting your loyal customers once more.

Expedited Post Fire Restoration Inspections

We maintain relationships with and work closely with fire, building, and health departments throughout Denver, Colorado. That means that we can ensure that you receive a Certificate of Occupancy quickly following your damaging fire incident.

Routine Maintenance and Cleaning

To ensure you never experience a devastating outbreak of fire in the future, Nationwide Fire Protection can put you on a regular cleaning and fire protection maintenance program. Our programs are designed to work around your schedule and within your budget.

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Time is of the essence when fire has damaged your restaurant. Call Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver, Colorado to receive a free estimate on all fire damage restoration and related services.

What Causes Restaurant Fires?

Of all the disasters that can befall a restaurant, fire is the most destructive. Over 8,000 fires occur in restaurants each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Those disasters cause, on average, two civilian deaths, over a hundred injuries, and nearly $250 million and more in property damage. 

Restaurant fires start for a variety of reasons. 40% of restaurant fires start in the kitchen, and almost 20% of those can be traced back to a stove. 

Once a fire starts, it can quickly spread out of control. That is why it is critical to maintain an effective ventilation and exhaust system. Grease buildup and flammable vapors can wreak havoc on any restaurant. By keeping the ventilation and exhaust clean, you can keep your restaurant safe. 

However, hindsight is 20/20. If you have experienced a restaurant fire, whether it was due to a stove, electrical issue, gas leak, or other reason, you now have some decisions to make. 

What to Do After a Fire Destroys Your Restaurant?

The first thing to do after a fire destroys your restaurant is realize that you’re not alone. Damaging fires happen every 24 seconds in this country, according to the NFPA. 

Try to stay out of the building, as the soot and smoke can be harmful if inhaled. The next step is to call a fire restoration company like Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver, Colorado. We are equipped to handle the smoke, fire, and water damage that can result from even the smallest restaurant fires. Our technicians have the equipment and training to enter the building, assess the damage, and devise a plan for completely restoring your business.

The Fire Recovery Process

When fire restoration technicians enter the building following a destructive fire, the first step is to assess the true extent of the damage. Then, a plan is devised to restore the business in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Structural Cleaning

All of the smoke, soot, and water will have to be removed, and the entire property cleaned. The walls and ceilings will be sponged clean, including all the crown molding and baseboards. In some cases, the technicians will use a soft detergent to clean walls and ceilings. 


After the walls and ceilings are cleaned, the floors, doors, and windows are provided with a thorough scrubbing. Great care is taken so that all soot and smoke damage is removed, including in between cracks and crevices. 

Surface Cleaning

The fire restoration technicians will continue with all flat surfaces including the countertops and windowsills 


And, so that all the soot and smoke isn’t spread around, the technicians will give the ventilation and duct systems a good cleaning, followed by a thorough scrubbing of your HVAC system.

Kitchen Fire Recovery

The aforementioned fire restoration steps are meant for your entrance, dining, and staff areas. When it comes to your commercial kitchen, the restoration process is a little more complicated. 

Fire and health laws state that commercial kitchens need to be safe before the restaurant can open and serve food. A fire restoration company’s job is to make sure your restaurant is up to code so that you can resume business following all the fire destruction. 

This is the process most technicians follow when restoring a commercial kitchen after a fire.

Assess the Damage

Checking a commercial kitchen for fire damage involves much more than just looking for soot damage. Even if the fire was a small one and damage appears minimal, the technicians will still check every aspect of your kitchen to ensure all the damage is accounted for. 

Fire damage isn’t always apparent. For instance, the fire restoration technicians will check for smoke, soot, and other damage in the electrical system, gas lines, and ductwork. 

Next, all the appliances, walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, and other areas will be checked before a plan is created to clean the entire commercial kitchen of any trace of fire.

Cleaning the Kitchen

The entire commercial kitchen layout will be ventilated so that all foul air is removed. The fire-damaged debris will be removed and properly disposed of, and all the kitchen cabinets and drawers will be removed and thoroughly cleaned.

The stainless-steel appliances will be wiped down and sanitized, along with all other metallic surfaces. Any plastic containers and objects will be cleaned using an alkaline detergent. Painted surfaces will also be cleaned with a soap-free detergent before all air filters are cleaned or replaced as needed. 

Fire Damage Restoration

With the restaurant and commercial kitchen cleaned, the next step is to begin actually repairing the damage and restoring furniture. For example, if the cabinets have been destroyed, those fixtures will need to be repaired or replaced with new ones. Every aspect of the restaurant will be repaired or reinstalled altogether, including the carpeting, appliances, cabinetry, walls, ceiling tiles, and more. 

The time it will take and the cost will vary depending on how extensive the fire was and the size of your establishment. 

The best way to ensure a speedy fire restoration process is to ensure your restaurant is cleaned, that your ventilation system is maintained, and that your fire suppression system is up to date. 

Reduce the Risk of Fire

To minimize the risk of fire, maintain your electrical equipment, no matter how much time it will take or how much that maintenance task will cost. You should also minimize built-up grease and keep your exhaust hood system as spotless as you can. 

If you have done all you can and fire has still destroyed your business, you have one move to make. 

How to Hire a Fire Restoration Company

After talking to your insurance company, call a fire restoration company like Nationwide Fire Protection. We have helped businesses throughout Denver,CO  reopen following a devastating fire, and we look forward to helping you.

Call now for a free estimate to discuss the restoration of your restaurant following a dangerous and deadly fire.