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The Ansul Fire Suppression System Installations in Denver, CO

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A large kitchen or commercial restaurant constantly faces the risk of fire. So, it is crucial that you install a highly efficient and active fire suppression system. When there is a fire, every second counts and you need to act very fast. Ansul fire suppression systems are well known for being extremely responsive to fire accidents. The system gets active the moment it notices a fire. Installing the Ansul fire suppression system in your restaurant will help you create a safe and protected environment for your employees as well as guests that visit your restaurant.

High Quality Ansul Fire System Installation

When it comes to the installation of Ansul fire suppression systems, you should always rely on the experts. At Nationwide Fire Protection, we offer professional installation of the fire system, done by highly skilled technicians. If you operate a restaurant in Denver, Colorado, you should head over to our agency to schedule the installation of Ansul fire suppression system in your restaurant or large commercial kitchen. Each Ansul system that we install is thoroughly checked and inspected to eliminate issues that may arise due to poor installation. Our ultimate goal is to provide maximum protection to people and property in the event of a fire.

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Restaurant Fires Need Quick Action and Control

Dangerous and devastating fire breakout can occur in any commercial restaurant or kitchen. When it does, you can’t control it through simple tricks or techniques. Since a heavy amount of cooking and food preparation activities go on in big kitchens, fire can break out and take dangerous shapes in minutes. Unless you are fully prepared to deal with such grave fire accidents, the loss of property and life can’t be avoided. The Ansul brand has a solid reputation for its heavy duty fire extinguishers. Equipped with these extremely powerful extinguishers, you’ll be able to effectively and quickly contain fire before it becomes disastrous.

Choose Ansul to Adhere to the Highest Industry Standards

The size of the hospitality industry continues to swell at a considerable speed. Eateries and restaurants keep cropping up across cities and towns in every state. To control and regulate these businesses, strict industry standards have been put in place. If you plan to operate your restaurant business without any kinds of legal complications, you must abide by the state and federal codes.

Nationwide Fire Protection is a nationally recognized service agency which specializes in providing Ansul fire suppression systems. Our well-trained professionals and certified staff ensure that you get the most advanced and top quality Ansul fire suppression systems for the safety of your people and assets.

No matter where in Denver your business is located, our professionals can reach you as per scheduled time and install the best quality of fire suppression system, engineered by the Ansul fire protection systems.

Comprehensive Fire Protection System

Innovatively designed by Ansul, our fire suppression systems are not just of the finest quality but they are also Underwriters Laboratories 300 compliant. The suppression system we provide comes along with essential components such as pull station, control head, CO2 regulator, chemical bottle etc.

Electrical Work and Connectivity Repairs

Whether you are in search of Ansul or any other fire suppression system, you can always rely on us for the highest quality. Our professional installation involves doing all the electrical work in a proper manner. Our technicians make sure the Ansul system is correctly connected to the ventilation hood and the makeup air systems of your large commercial kitchen or restaurant. Micro-assemblies and safety interlocks are also examined for proper connection. 

While performing the electrical work, we stick to the codes set forth by the National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters Lab sequence. So, you can feel confident that the work quality will be top-notch.
Your restaurant business is a highly valuable investment. Our main goal is to ensure full protection of that investment. When you are planning to get the Ansul suppression system installed in your restaurant, all you need to do is give us a call and let us know about your specific requirements. We’ll deal with every aspect of the entire project in a professional manner. Whether it is about following the design blueprint or engineering drawings or getting the necessary permits, we’ll take care of everything. While you choose to work with our agency, you should feel fully confident that the quality of work will be remarkable. Your business is in great hands, and we’ll make sure your business has the maximum amount of protection. 

Ansul Fire Protection: Complete Inspection and Repair of All Equipment by Highly Experienced Technicians

The purpose of installing an Ansul system is swift response to high risks of fire. At Nationwide Fire Protection, we conduct detailed and systemic inspections of the entire system. Based on the results of the analysis, our professionals will offer valuable advice in regard to your kitchen exhaust systems.

As part of the inspection process, we also perform thorough cleaning of the Ansul fire suppression system and all its components.

If you detect any kind of issues with your restaurant’s fire protection system, we’ll inform you about the same and explain how it impacts the safety. Then, we’ll go ahead with the necessary repair and replacement work. This, in turn, will enhance the safety of your business operations and help you stay code-compliant. Comprehensive testing and proper maintenance of your Ansul system, fire alarms and fire extinguishers is crucial for the successful operation of your restaurant. In this way, you’ll be able to eliminate the risks of fire accidents in your commercial kitchen and remain code-compliant for several years in a row.

Give our office in Denver a phone call to schedule the testing and maintenance of your fire protection system. Feel free to ask our professionals for a free quote of the plan as per your budgetary needs.

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Fire Extinguishers: Sale, Maintenance, and Repair Service

Having portable fire extinguishers on hand is essential, as an emergency fire situation can arise anytime. It is not just the kitchen, but fire can break out in any area or space of your restaurant. Therefore, you and your staff must be well-prepared to act swiftly and contain the fire before it spreads.

At Nationwide Fire Protection, we don’t just deal in fire suppression and protection systems from Ansul, but we also provide fire suppression systems from a number of other brands of good repute. 

Whether you are in need of top quality fire suppression systems, extinguishing agents or repellant gas, we fulfill all your requirements while ensuring what you get is of the most excellent quality. By offering fire suppression systems from well-known brands, our goal is to help you abide by the fire safety codes. Our advanced fire extinguishers offer your business the maximum level of fire protection. We work with a wide range of clients from around Denver, Colorado.

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Don’t expose your restaurant business to the danger of devastating fire by getting a poor quality fire suppression system. If you respect the investment you have made and plan to keep your business safe at all times, you must have a fire suppression system of the highest quality. Use fire suppression systems manufactured by only Ansul and other top-level, reputed brands.

Give our agency a phone call and we’ll travel to your business location for inspection and installation of Ansul fire suppression system in your restaurant. Installation will be performed by our experienced professionals. Feel free to ask us for a free quote so that you know what to expect. Our services thrive on quality and transparency. We never surprise our clients with last-minute surprises or hidden costs. We deliver exactly as we promise to each of our clients.

Our installation experts pay meticulous attention to detail to make sure all the work and connectivity is fully error-free. Talk to our professionals for proper installation, repair and maintenance of Ansul, fire alarm systems and other fire protection systems. You can hire our professionals and services anywhere in Denver.

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NFP Commercial Fire Suppression

Restaurant fire suppression is your first defense against the risk of fire. The commercial kitchen is like the heartbeat of the restaurant. It’s where the food is made that makes the customers happy, which in turn brings in the revenue. Yet there is always a fire risk, and restaurant fire suppression can save your business and people’s lives.

With continual exposure to substantial amounts of heat, fires can break out for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why a fire starts, it is essential to have suppression equipment that can put out the flames as quickly as possible. 

It seems like water would be a good option, but not in a commercial kitchen. Grease and oil can cause flames to spread quickly. Fire extinguishers also aren’t the best option, as the flame-retardant chemicals can ruin food and produce. Fire suppression is the far superior solution, as the systems are designed to extinguish flames quickly and efficiently with minimal damage for maximum safety.

Types of Commercial Fire Suppression

You have a range of options when selecting a fire suppression system for your restaurant. You want a reliable and trustworthy system that is also within your budget. Here are a few options you might want to consider. 

Gas System – FM200

Gas fire suppression systems are stored as a liquid. Nitrogen is used to pressurize the tanks. When the solution is released, the FM200 chemical agent will cause a chemical reaction with the fire, thereby extinguishing it. This type of commercial fire suppression is ideal for switch rooms, data rooms, and other types of communication rooms. 

There are a few advantages to using a gas system. For one, since the solution is stored as a liquid, it takes up less space. The system is also easy to install, as the cylinder is typically located in the same room. Also, there is no reduction of oxygen, making gas fire suppression systems safe for humans upon discharge. 

There are a few downsides to gas suppression systems, such as the fact that FM200 doesn’t travel well on account of the pressurization and may be cost-prohibitive if you have a large room to keep safe. There are also rumors that the gas used in the FM200 is soon-to-be-banned as it’s considered a hydro fluoride chloride (HFC), though some companies are ordering inert gas canisters as an alternative solution. 

Foam Fire Suppression Systems

You may hear foam fire suppression systems called by brand names like Amerex and Ansul. These systems are specifically designed to keep commercial kitchens safe from fire. Nozzles are located underneath the cooking canopies and are meant to propel a water-based agent with a chemical foam mix over the flames, thus extinguishing them. The trigger is usually high amounts of heat, though some systems have a manual pull switch.

The advantages of using commercial foam suppression systems is the ease of use and the fact that there is no damage to the kitchen or food upon release. There is also no electrical work required, which also contributes to safety.

The downsides to using a foam system include the cost, as you have to use stainless steel pipework and fittings. The systems can take longer to clean up compared to water mist systems, and the installation process usually has to take place late at night, since some kitchens take hours to cool down. 

Foam Deluge Systems

Foam deluge fire suppression systems are suitable for large applications where you are not permitted to use water or gas. Examples include areas around transformers, oil tanks, and storage silos. The system uses a simple sprinkler application that disperses a foam concentrate mixed with water to provide the expanding agent. 

These systems are excellent for external areas and can cover vast amounts of square footage. Foam deluge fire suppression is also ideal for flammable liquids in airports, oil storage facilities, and aircraft hangars. 

The downsides are that the system employs a wet agent, so you need to consider the electrical risk. The foam can also be messy, so clean up is required. 

Water Mist Fire Suppression

Water mist systems are rapidly replacing sprinklers in large areas like data rooms. The systems can be used for flammable liquids and electrical rooms, as the mist evaporates and causes a starving oxygen effect rather than cooling the area down.

The advantages to employing a commercial water mist fire suppression system include the low cost of the suppression agent, the fact that there is no flooding or mess when compared to sprinklers, and there are no water storage or pump power requirements. 

The downsides include the low availability of these systems as there are few manufacturers and distributors, and the mist system is still not widely recognized as an alternative to FM200 gas and sprinklers. 

Pneumatic Heat Detection Tube

This system is pretty much a fire extinguisher with a valve and length of heat detection tube. The tube acts as the detection and propellant feed for the fire suppression agent. When the temperature climbs to a certain level around the tube, the system will blow a small pressurized hole in the pipe, whereby it will then propel the agent directly at the flames. 

One advantage of a pneumatic heat detection system is the fact that only a small amount of agent is required. The installation costs are low, and there are few maintenance costs. The system is also mobile, which means it can be moved and installed elsewhere with ease. 

A prime disadvantage to a heat detection tube system includes the fact that it might be ineffective against large fires.

Halon Fire Suppression Systems

Halon fire suppression setups are known as “clean agent” systems. The clean agent consists of a solution that isn’t electrical conducting, volatile or messy. Instead, Halon is a liquified and compressed gas that stops the spread of flames by chemically disrupting the fire. 

There are two primary types of Halon gas. Halon 1211 is a liquid streaming agent while Halon 1301 is a gaseous flooding agent. Both agents leave no residue behind and are considered safe for human exposure. The agent itself is rated class “B” for flammable liquids and “C” for electrical fires. However, Halon systems are also effective on class “A” common combustible fires. 

These commercial fire suppression systems can extinguish fires quickly without leaving damage behind, making them ideal for restaurant kitchens. 

The downside is that, because Halon is a CFC, production ceased in 1994. Not only is the system hard to charge, but there is also no cost-effective means of safely and effectively disposing of Halon. Therefore, recycling and reusing the existing Halon supply is the most responsible means of protecting lives and property using this fire suppression system. 
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Which Commercial Fire Suppression System is Right for You?

Nationwide Fire Protection is the industry leader in commercial fire suppression systems. Contact us in Denver, Colorado, to discuss your needs. We are sure to find a fire suppression system that is safe, effective, and well within your budget. Call now to receive a free estimate.