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Restaurant Hood, Duct & Fan Cleaning in Denver, Colorado

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The kitchen hoods of a restaurant require regular cleaning. If you operate a restaurant, you should pay serious attention to the maintenance and hygiene of your commercial kitchen at all times. The kitchen is a place which remains exposed to various kinds of fire hazards. It is crucial for you to build an effective defensive system against such hazards to ensure the health and safety of employees, guests and clients. The hood, duct and fan cleaning of your restaurant, therefore, must be a top priority among other tasks and challenges that you deal with.

No kitchen remains free from grease buildup. If left for a long time, this grease buildup can prove to be a potential fire hazard. This, in turn, will compromise the safety of your staff and guests and put their lives at risk. 

According to a report published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 43% of all restaurant fires are caused due to cooking oils and grease. Kitchen exhaust hood systems continue to gather grease on a daily basis, and over time, this buildup becomes the biggest reason for dangerous fire accidents. If you plan to minimize the risk of fire, you should never allow grease and other cooking by-products to accumulate in your commercial kitchen. That is exactly where professional kitchen hood cleaning comes into play. Having the hoods, filters, ductwork and fans professionally cleaned is a surefire way to eliminate the risk of fire accidents and remain safe while also ensuring compliance with fire safety codes.

Benefits of Professional Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Removal of grease and flammable residues from all the components of the kitchen hood exhaust systems is the job of professionals. Doing it on your own can quickly become overwhelming and consume plenty of time. For proper cleaning and to comply with the codes of the state and the NFPA, you should always seek the services of a professional kitchen exhaust hood cleaning company.

Professionals employ the necessary equipment, a wide range of tools and several kinds of techniques to perform the restaurant hood cleaning. They’ll thoroughly remove dirt and grease from the exhaust system and unblock the filters to improve air flow. While working with a professional restaurant hood cleaning company, you can feel confident that no damage will be done to all the expensive equipment and appliances that you have in your commercial kitchen. However, it is important to select a good company with lots of experience in exhaust hood cleaning. 

Key benefits of professionally cleaned kitchen hood include:

  • Improve health standards
  • Minimize fire hazards and the risk of fire
  • Boost ventilation in kitchen
  • Adhere to the fire safety and health codes
  • Increase inspection ratings
  • Bring down energy consumption
  • Have a safer, more comfortable work environment
  • Reduce product contamination

If your restaurant is located in Denver, Colorado, you should head over to Nationwide Fire Protection (NFP). Equipped with well-trained and certified technicians and several years of experience, NFP is an ideal company that you should hire for professional cleaning of your kitchen exhaust hoods.

Our Restaurant Hood Cleaning Process

Our services have been designed to deliver top-quality cleaning and ensure complete peace of mind for our clients. We have been cleaning the exhaust hood, filters, ductwork, and exhaust fans of large restaurants and commercial kitchens for multiple years in a row. What makes our hood cleaning service unique is the well-defined procedure that we follow in each project.


Safety measures come first. That is why our crew first prepares the entire kitchen space for the cleaning. Covering the hood in a plastic and creating a channel to collect all the grease buildup are some of the main tasks at this stage. All the expensive kitchen equipment is properly wrapped so that there is no damage at all. The hood cleaning crew rechecks everything to ensure all the prep work has been properly done for the next stage to begin.

Servicing and Repair:

Our skilled technicians service all the components of the kitchen exhaust system. They start with the fans and blades and then move on to service the exhaust ducts. Spraying, rinsing, manual scraping and repeating these is a core part of the servicing stage. After this, the cleaning crew begins with the hoods inside the kitchen. At this stage, proper wrapping of all the expensive equipment is of utmost importance. If the equipment is not properly covered, the spraying of chemicals can result in saturation with fluids used in the process. 

  • Scheduled cleaning of exhaust hoods, ducts, plenum, grease removal devices and rooftop exhaust fans to bare metal
  • Thorough cleaning and servicing of HVAC air ducts using vacuum units, compressed air, mechanical and hand brushes
  • Fan belt, grease filter replacements
  • Hood globe light and bulb replacements
  • Stainless and sheet metal manufacturing and repairs

As the process continues, plenty of greasy fluid travels down the ducts straight into the kitchen, which requires cleanup.


Once the servicing has been completed and the cleaning of the hood, ductwork and exhaust fans are done, it is time for cleanup. The entire kitchen floor remains covered with greasy fluids. So, the scrubbing and mopping of the kitchen floor finally begins. Our professional crew will carry out the entire cleanup task in an effective manner and leave the floors spotless.      

The job isn’t done yet. We don’t want you to wait for all the equipment and appliances in the kitchen to dry on their own. Our technicians will dry up every item and make sure it is ready to reinstall. After the kitchen system has been installed back, our team will review everything with great attention to detail. Our job will be over only after rechecking that all the systems in the kitchen are functioning properly and the final touches have been given. By the time our cleaning crew leaves your place, you’ll have a thoroughly clean, shiny and functional kitchen.

Get a Detailed Cleaning Report

At Nationwide Fire Protection, our hood cleaning services are based on openness and transparency. Our professionally-trained and certified crew conducts an inspection after each cleaning to ensure adhere to National Fire Protection Association standards. Since you have chosen to work with us, you can fully rely on us and feel confident that we’ll do an excellent hood cleaning job. 

To keep you up-to-date with the completed task, we’ll record the pre-cleaning and post cleaning environment in the kitchen. In fact, you’ll be able to see pictures of all the tasks that were done at the preparation, servicing and cleanup stages. This will make it easy for you to see for yourself the exact result of the project. The detailed report that we provide to our clients has certainly helped us earn trust and support, build reputation and kept our company growing continuously. 

Reach Out to Us for a Free Estimate

If you are looking for a professional and reliable kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service in Denver, Colorado, Nationwide Fire Protection is just the ideal place to get it done. Our professional would be happy to pay a visit to your restaurant or commercial kitchen for a survey. Before we get started with the project, you’ll receive a free estimate so that you are fully aware of what to expect. You’ll know how much the cleaning project is going to cost you ahead of time. From beginning till the completion of the procedure, you’ll always be in control and up-to-date.

Give our office a phone call or send us an email to initiate the discussion in regard to the cleaning of your commercial kitchen. Our team is ready to serve your specific needs and deliver impressive cleaning.