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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Services in Denver, Colorado

Running a restaurant comes with many challenges and responsibilities. As a restaurant owner, your first priority should be cleanliness. Due to a massive amount of cooking and food preparation, a commercial kitchen can easily turn into a mess. Presence of dirt and bacteria can lead to multiple types of diseases and can put the lives of both employees and guests at risk. To avoid health risks, it is crucial to establish and follow commercial cleaning best practices. Whether it is the kitchen, the cooking equipment or other areas of the restaurant, cleanliness should be properly maintained through daily, weekly and monthly schedules as per your need.

Just a routine clean-up doesn’t help a commercial kitchen much. To keep every area and all the appliances and equipment of a large kitchen clean, you need to use professional kitchen cleaning services.

Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Kitchen

A commercial kitchen is a large area which has several systems, components, tools and equipment in it. While you may want to clean the commercial kitchen yourself, it is not a great idea. For proper and safe servicing, a lot of knowledge and experience is needed. Lack of skills and knowledge and, most importantly, the right set of cleaning tools can lead to expensive damages.

A professional commercial cleaning service follows industry best practices, employees the most suitable methods and uses the right set of tools for proper cleaning while making sure there is no damage done to the components and large equipment inside the kitchen. A greasy and dirty kitchen isn’t just an eyesore, but it is a liability, which professional cleaners can take care of in an effective manner. The cleaning company takes all the necessary precautions to carry out the entire cleaning project in the given time frame and in a safe manner.

A professional cleaning company doesn’t just wash and wipe. They combine various techniques such as deep cleaning, degreasing and unblocking of kitchen equipment to deliver remarkable results.

Commercial kitchen cleaning involves reaching even those areas and parts of the costly equipment that you never touch. Kitchen equipment such as hoods, vents and ductwork and other appliances are made of various components, each of which plays a key role in the overall functioning of the equipment. Professional cleaners will get into each and every space where dust, dirt and grease might be present and then clean all of these to ensure optimal performance. After cleaning, the equipment will not just look shiny, but its lifespan will also increase.

Our Kitchen Cleaning Services

Proper cleaning of kitchen equipment and appliances is hard and so consumes a lot of time. If you think you are pressed for time and want professional cleaning, you should head straight to Nationwide Fire Protection.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Nationwide Fire Protection is a highly reputed specialist in commercial kitchen equipment cleaning. Our services are designed to maintain the acceptable state of large kitchens. Our cleaning is conducted in a way which prepares all the equipment for inspection. Our services have gathered appreciation from all across the state for the highest standards. Our skilled team of crews will give a shiny look to every equipment and appliance in the kitchen. Not only that, we’ll also remove the unpleasant and attractive odors.

Our list of kitchen cleaning services includes:

  • Removal of grease from kitchen hoods and exhaust fans
  • Cleaning of vents
  • Cleaning of the ductwork
  • Filter replacement
  • Chemical and/or steam washing of all types of appliances
  • Chemical and/or steam washing of all surfaces and shelving
  • Cleaning and Shelia Shining of all stainless surfaces
  • Grease filter washing
  • Chemical dispensers refilling
  • Chemical and/or steam washing of all ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Concrete cleaning

We employ high pressure and steam cleaning methods for cleaning the exhaust hoods, ductwork and rooftop exhaust fans. Unblocking of the greasy and clogged systems is an important part of our cleaning procedure. This is extremely essential, as it eliminates the risks of dangerous fire in the kitchen.

Regardless of the size and the specific needs, our crew is highly trained to perform all types of cleaning in a professionally satisfying manner. Our extensive experience allows us to understand the needs of our clients and carry out the entire procedure in a way which ensures the safety of the occupants of the building. We complete the project in keeping with the clients requirements while abiding by the health standards. Once you have hired our professionals, you don’t have to worry anymore about inspections. We ensure no hidden danger lurks in your kitchen.

Why You Should Hire Our Cleaning Crew

Through our skills and experience, we have established a solid reputation in the field of commercial kitchen cleaning. Whether you operate a large restaurant chain or own a small local restaurant, feel confident that our professionals will perform kitchen extract and ductwork cleaning in an effective manner. We regularly carry out cleaning of large kitchens in hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, universities, pubs, care homes and commercial food preparation centers.

Our commercial kitchen cleaners are well-trained in key areas including health and safety and customer service. From structural deep cleaning and kitchen equipment deep cleaning to extraction cleaning and worktop and storage deep cleaning, we’ll make your kitchen spotlessly clean.

The secret behind our high customer retention is our reliability, honesty and the highest standards that we strictly adhere to.

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Reach out to Nationwide Fire Protection straight away to schedule your free commercial kitchen cleaning consultation. Never let a greasy and dirty kitchen compromise the safety of your employees and guests. Hire our expert crew to keep your kitchen in a pristine condition. A safe and sanitary kitchen is a prerequisite to attracting more visitors and successfully operating your business.

Give our office in Denver, Colorado a phone call. You can also shoot us an email to let us know of your specific cleaning needs.

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