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Impact of Material on Kitchen Fire Safety in Denver, CO

The Impact of Materials, Layout, and Design on Kitchen Fire Safety and Prevention Measures

Commercial kitchen materials, layout, and design can significantly ensure kitchen fire safety and prevent potential fire hazards. Choosing the right equipment, arranging things smartly, and having a suitable design can help to keep your commercial kitchen safe and reduce the risk of fires. Using proper fire-resistant materials, strategically placing the cooking equipment, and using efficient […]

Chemical Fire Extinguisher Safety Around Food | Nationwide Fire Protection

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Cleanliness and Food Safety

Fire extinguisher maintenance is perhaps one of, if not the most important, factors regarding fire protection. Regular inspections by the local fire station or a trained employee ensure maximum efficiency and proper function during the hazard. Some people believe that the only time a fire extinguisher needs proper service is when there is a visible […]

Restaurant Fire System | Commercial Grease Removal | Nationwide Fire Protection

Commercial Grease Removal by NFP–A Needed Fire Prevention Strategy

Image Source Restaurant Fire System – Denver, CO –Nationwide Fire Protection takes grease fires seriously. We know that thousands of grease fires are started in commercial restaurant kitchens across the United States yearly, causing property damage, restaurant closures, and injuries. This is why we take a multi-pronged approach to prevent fires. Instead of just providing […]

Evacuation During a Fire | Nationwide Fire Protection | Denver Colorado

How to Evacuate in Case of Fire

Source Denver, CO – When it comes to fires and fire safety, one can never be too cautious. In the United States alone, there were more than 3300 fire-related deaths in 2015, the most recent year for which data is available. Many of these deaths could have been prevented by following certain safety measures, including […]