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The Need for a Hood Fire System

The Need for a Hood Fire System

Most building fires have their origin in the kitchen. If you operate a commercial kitchen, you should take all the necessary steps to minimize fire hazards, which arise because of the consistent deposits of grease and grime. A hood fire system is a fundamental and powerful defense against fire risks in large kitchens. Therefore, it is your duty to make sure your facility is outfitted with an advanced fire suppression system – one which suits your kitchen’s specific needs. 

Hood fire systems come in various shapes, sizes, and features. It is crucial to select the most ideal one for your kitchen.

How Does a Kitchen Hood Fire System Work?

The purpose of installing a hood fire system is to detect fire and contain it before it can spread and take a devastating shape.

Though you will come across a wide range of kitchen hood fire systems manufactured by different brands, each of these is designed using the same principles. The system is integrated with the exhaust hood in a proper manner. It remains connected with the exhaust hood and the gas line. 

Fire needs three essential things to thrive or spread: heat, oxygen, and fuel. Modern hood fire systems have an innovative design and perform with maximum efficiency. In fact, the system is so highly responsive that it immediately gets into action at the detection of flames or even too much heat. It uses wet chemicals to extinguish the flames of the fire. The chemicals are released through nozzles which are located right over the cooking station. The main role of wet chemicals is to cut off the supply of oxygen to fire and quickly contain the fire to avoid any kind of damage. These systems have a range of unique designs. 

Exhaust hood fire systems are designed to get activated automatically. However, the system also features a manual operation option. In case the fire system is unable to detect a flame, the kitchen employees can quickly initiate it without any delay. The fire suppression system also shuts off the power supply to the cooking appliances to eliminate the risk of fire hazards.

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Which fire suppression system you should choose depends on the actual needs of your commercial facility. These systems are available in multiple designs, each of which has its own specific features and functions.

Gas System:

A gas system with an FM200 chemical agent causes a reaction with fire in order to put out the fire. Since the gas is stored in liquid form, the installation of the fire systems takes less square footage. This type of fire system is most ideal for protection against fire risks in data rooms.

Kitchen Fire Suppression:

This fire system uses a chemical foam like a chemical agent. Popular and trusted brands such as Ansul and Amerex manufacture these systems for large commercial kitchens. It is easy to install and offers a robust defense against all kinds of fire hazards that are common in large kitchens or restaurant facilities. Compared to other fire systems, these systems are costlier and require professional degreasing in a timely manner.

Water Mist System:

The fire system uses a mist as its chemical agent, which turns into vapor and extinguishes the fire. The chemical agent used in this system is low-cost and you can easily replace it after the mist has been discharged. The system is ideal for use in big data rooms and local applications.

Foam Deluge System:

In places where it is not possible to use either liquid or gas as a chemical agent, a foam deluge system is installed. It is often used to protect the storage of flammable liquids.

If you operate a commercial facility, you should have a general idea of how each of these systems functions and which of these is a perfect match for the specific type of your business. For commercial kitchens, the hood fire system is the most ideal solution as a strong defense against fire risks.

Benefits of Kitchen Fire System

Prevention of fire is always the best solution. In the event of a fire accident, facility owners face a great loss of property and lives. Kitchen fires are extremely dangerous, as they can spread very fast and get out of control. That is exactly why you need to invest in and install a hood fire system.

Imagine what can happen in the absence of a top quality fire suppression system in your commercial kitchen. As per the NFPA guidelines, every restaurant owner needs to adhere to the fire safety guidelines. If you are found in violation of the fire safety codes, the authorities will impose heavy fines on you or shut down your food service facility altogether. A kitchen fire system offers you an excellent solution to keep your staff and guests safe and stay compliant with the necessary codes. It is an essential component for a smooth business operation.

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    How to Choose the Right Hood Fire System for Your Facility

    The layout and the setup of all commercial kitchens are not the same. The cooking space and the arrangement of the appliances vary from one kitchen to another. It is crucial to invest in a fire suppression system, which has the right design to suit the specific needs of your kitchen.

    In most cases, the hood fire system needs to be installed in the ventilation hood of the exhaust hood system. So, professionals will customize the solution in an appropriate and swift manner. It is just that you need to work with a company, which has expertise in the installation of hood fire suppression systems. If your commercial kitchen, cafeteria, dining center, or food service facility is located in Denver, CO, you should reach out to Nationwide Fire Protection. 

    Our fire system installation company has sound expertise in the customization of hood fire suppression systems for all types and sizes of commercial kitchens, restaurants, and other food service facilities.

    Talk to a Hood Fire System Specialist

    Outfit your commercial kitchen with the most ideal and high quality hood fire system to minimize the risk of property damage, business disruption, and physical harm to the staff and guests. Get in touch with one of our specialists at the Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver, CO, to have a discussion on installing a new hood fire suppression system or maintaining your existing one.

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