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Information about Fire Restoration Services for Commercial Kitchens

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Phoenix, AZ – A fire outbreak is disastrous in any commercial kitchen. Not only does your business lose revenue while repairs are undertaken, but your employees and staff members are also left with no work until everything is restored.

When a fire does spark, highly combustible materials within a kitchen environment can cause the blaze to spread to other cooking areas, into exhaust fans and ventilation systems, and within minutes is capable of spreading across the rest of the establishment

A fire sparked at a cooking station or within the ventilation system can take hold so quickly that even the strongest fittings can become warped, damaged, or outright dangerous.

Aside from the damage fire causes to equipment, fittings, and structures, smoke from the blaze can also be just as detrimental. Fire, smoke, and soot can permeate every area of your establishment, leaving you no option but to close the business until the damage has been completely repaired or replaced.

Fire Suppression Systems vs Fire Restoration Services

The fire system services you have installed within your establishment are designed to help you reduce the risk of a fire spreading to uncontrollable levels. It’s likely you already have a range of fire suppression systems installed across the restaurant and through the kitchen designed to manage and control hot-burning fires.

Even if you have the best possible fire suppression systems in place, there is still a risk that a fire outbreak may not be contained or controlled quickly enough to stop it from spreading. Once it becomes unmanageable, it’s crucial that employees and customers are removed from the premises as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of injury.

Fire restoration services are designed to ensure that any damage caused to the property is completely restored so you can get back to operating your business as quickly as possible.

It’s common for most people to think about equipment, structures, and fittings that may have been fire-damaged. However, after the fire department leaves the premises, there may also be substantial water damage and flooding to contend with as well.

What Do Fire Restoration Services Do?

Before any repairs can begin, it’s crucial to complete a list of any salvageable items. In some cases, stoves, fryers, grills or preparation areas may be salvageable. Likewise, there may be fridges or storage units that could be restored for use after repairs.

However, there may be damage in areas that aren’t immediately visible that aren’t always taken into account.

Fires in large commercial kitchens can spread into vents, exhaust fans, and ductwork quickly, causing an enormous amount of damage to the upper structures of the establishment. Fire restoration services specialize in ensuring that fire system installations are replaced quickly so that you can return to business sooner.

Water damage also needs to be dealt with, as it has the potential to warp floorboards, affect electrical systems, and ruin upholstery or carpets. Removing any excess water and drying affected areas is a crucial step in any fire restoration service. Removing soot and smoke from all surfaces also requires professional deep cleaning services.

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