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Fire Restoration Services in Denver, Colorado

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After a commercial kitchen fire, every day the restaurant’s doors are closed is another day of lost revenue. Nationwide Fire Protection Corp., a leader in fire restoration projects throughout Colorado, understands the importance of getting kitchens cleaned, repaired and back online quickly after a fire.

Since time is money, it helps that Nationwide Fire Protection a one-stop fire restoration company. Most competitors are general contractors who sub out the bulk of the restoration work. Nationwide Fire Protection Corp.has expertly trained staff and is licensed to make electrical, mechanical and fire protection-related repairs, as well as cosmetic repairs. That saves you money and ensures you’re back in business as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our work.

Our thorough fire restoration services include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive inspection and structural assessment


  • Providing a list of repairs that must be made to restore the kitchen to perfect working condition


  • Chemical and/or steam washing of all appliances, surfaces, shelving units, ceilings, walls and floors


  • Repainting as necessary


  • Repairing and replacing necessary equipment damaged by fire, smoke and water.


  • Testing all replaced and repaired equipment and systems to ensure everything is in working order.


  • Working with fire, building and health departments throughout the inspection process to ensure the property owner gets a certificate of occupancy as quickly as possible.


  • Providing recommendations for routine maintenance and cleaning to help prevent future fires