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Running a restaurant business involves ensuring safety for the kitchen employees and visitors. When it comes to setting up a fire alarm system and electrical system in a restaurant or commercial kitchen, it can be difficult to navigate the complex maze of fire protection laws, codes and regulations. Whether it is the design or construction of these systems, the entire project must be completed while staying compliant with the stringent set of laws and rules. Following the fire safety codes and laws will ensure that your staff, visitors and the property remains safe. If you plan to avoid the risk of dangerous kitchen fires, you should always seek the help of experts so that every bit of the system design and construction can be planned in an effective manner. At the same time, you should never forget to give the fire protection and electrical system proper maintenance to keep the systems functioning with maximum efficiency.

In this article, we’ll help you understand the importance of all these systems and why you should seek the help of fire protection experts to get the entire technical project completed in a proper and accurate manner.


Why Restaurant Fire Safety is Crucial

There is a great deal of planning behind building a restaurant. You invest a lot of money in putting all the things together, so that your restaurant operates and functions without any hassles. While you plan for other things, you should focus on the fire protection system of your facility in particular.

Commercial kitchen fires cause direct property damage as well as kill civilians every year in the United States. According to a recent report by the National Fire Protection Association, these fires lead to property damages totaling up to $246 million every year. At least 2 civilians are killed by restaurant kitchen fires. Therefore, it is your utmost duty and responsibility to construct and design a commercial kitchen and restaurant in a way that mitigates the risk of fire. There are different types of fire detection systems such as fire sprinkler installation, Ansul fire suppression system, fire alarm system, Amerex fire suppression system, Kidde fire suppression system, Pyrochem fire suppression etc. The first step is to assess the exact needs of your restaurant and then hire specialists to construct and design the entire system to maximize safety.

If you operate a restaurant in Denver, CO, you should head over to Nationwide Fire Protection (NFP) for consultation about the design, construction and maintenance of a whole building fire alarm and electrical system. NFP is a one-stop shop to build and set up a restaurant from scratch. 

Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

When it comes to commercial fire alarm installation, you need to select a system based on the size and type of restaurant you operate. The purpose of every fire protection system is to control kitchen fire. However, each of these has its own set up, features and advantages. Given below are some of the most used fire alarm systems designed for use in restaurant kitchens.

Fire Extinguishers

One of the key advantages of installing fire extinguishers is that they are easy to access in a fire emergency. But you need to choose the right type of fire extinguishers as per the specific needs of your restaurant.

At Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver, CO, we supply all kinds of fire extinguishers for installation in large, commercial kitchens. If you have some confusion as to which type is the ideal one for your facility, you should talk to one of our experts and make the right decision. When you install this commercial fire safety product, you should never forget about fire extinguisher recharge. Our fire extinguisher services are designed to fulfill your specific fire safety needs.

Commercial Hood Fire Suppression System

Grease deposits create a potential risk of fire in a commercial kitchen. When you use a wide range of cooking appliances, it produces a great deal of heat, smoke and grease. All of this continues to gather under the kitchen hoods and become a potential safety hazard over time. That is why every large restaurant should be fitted with a high quality ventilation installation along with a matching fire suppression system, which is advanced and sensitive. Such fire protection systems are specially designed and constructed to suit the specific needs of the restaurant.

If a fire or flame flares up over the cooking equipment, the hood fire suppression system controls and extinguishes it quickly. Examples of well-known fire safety system brands include Pyro Chem fire suppression, Ansul fire suppression, Kidde fire suppression system, Raneguard fire suppression etc.

Fire Sprinkler System

These systems are often installed in commercial kitchens and restaurants. These systems are specially designed to get activated if there is a risk of fire in the kitchen. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the fire sprinkler system will detect if there is a danger of fire and start to do its job. If you install this system, you should make sure the fire sprinkler heads are not blocked as well as get fire sprinkler inspection done on a regular basis.

At Nationwide Fire Protection, we provide both fire sprinkler system installation as well as its inspection and fire sprinkler repair services. For more details, feel free to reach out to one of our highly trained professionals. 

The Design and Construction of Commercial Kitchen Fire Alarm System

According to the NFPA 96, it is necessary for restaurant owners to install and use a fire alarm system that is a good match for their needs. Automatic fire detection systems create a safe and comfortable environment for employees to work in and guests to enjoy a superior dining experience.

Different types of fire alarm systems and fire suppression systems work in different ways based on their design and construction. One of the most ideal options for large commercial kitchens and restaurants today is wet chemical fire suppression system. What type of fire protection system you should use depends on what type of restaurant you run. Whether you already have a restaurant or plan to launch one soon, you should get in touch with experts such as Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver, CO to get your fire alarm as well as an electrical system designed with a high degree of accuracy, suited to your facility’s individual needs.

Experts will first visit the kitchen site or inspect the entire area. The inspection is carried out to determine what type of restaurant it is, how much cooking is done there and what type of cooking appliances are used. Based on the gathered information, the experts will recommend the most suited type of fire alarm system for a restaurant. Then, the designing and construction of the entire system will begin. The project involves taking measurements, developing a plan and creating a blueprint. Staying compliant with all the fire safety codes and building codes, the professionals finally install a fire safety system along with the electrical system to enable your restaurant to deal with fire problems and mitigate the risks of kitchen fire thus creating a solid foundation to mitigate the risk of devastating kitchen fire.

If you are in search of an experienced company to design, construct and maintain a fire alarm system and electrical system in a whole restaurant building, you should get in touch with Nationwide Fire Protection (NFP). Based in Denver, CO, the company is a one stop shop for all your fire protection needs. NFP also has two other sister companies namely APS Hoods and Hood Builder that provide complimentary services for restaurant building and construction.

Maintenance of Restaurant Fire Alarm System

While it is necessary to install an automatic fire alarm system, it is even more important to maintain the system in a proper manner.

A fire protection system in a restaurant is composed of several components that work together to perform the main job. You never know when mistakes can happen in the kitchen environment. In addition to adhering to all the safety procedures, you should give the fire alarm system, fire protection system and the electrical system proper attention and maintenance. Whether it is the fire suppression system, commercial hood, fire alarm panel, electrical interlocking, fire sprinkler heads, you should maintain all of these to keep your commercial kitchen ready to deal with the risk of fire at all times. You should always remember to book regular inspections, follow proper cleaning guidelines, keep a fire back up system in place etc. 

In any case, you should always provide training to your employees so that they know what to do when an emergency situation arises. If a renovation is coming up, you should definitely consult with a certified technician to protect the configuration of the fire detection and alarm system.

Restaurant Electrical System and Electrical Interlocking

When building a commercial restaurant and setting up a fire alarm system, it is essential to design the electrical system in an effective manner. If the design and construction of the electrical system is not proper, issues will keep arising from time to time while interrupting business operation.

The electrical system is an important part of the overall fire alarm and protection system that you install in the facility. When designing the electrical system, technicians use an advanced method called “electrical interlocking.” With the use of this unique design technique, the safety of the restaurant building as well those who work and visit the building are enhanced manifolds. An efficient power circuit system means lesser issues and greater safety for everyone.

If you have a question about the electrical interlocking, design, repair, maintenance and replacement, get in touch with one of our specialists at Nationwide Fire Protection that serves the Denver area, Colorado.

What Modern Fire Alarm Controls are Like

Over the years, fire alarm systems have evolved in many ways. Today’s fire alarm controls are computerized. As a result of advanced technology, the requirement for frequent repairs like before have been eliminated. The systems are designed in a way to detect even a minor fault. The fire alarm system will detect it quickly when even one of its small components does not work properly. This means you will be notified every time the system is in need of maintenance. Modern fire alarm systems have made maintenance easy for restaurant owners.

If you invest in a high quality fire alarm system, it can work with full efficiency for a long time. All you need to do is give it proper maintenance in a timely manner in order to avoid expensive repairs later.

The fire alarm control unit performs crucial functions such as closing of doors, elevator recall, smoke control systems as well as controlling the functions of other systems fitted in the restaurant. Also referred to as the fire alarm control panel (FACP), the fire alarm control unit gets information from several devices in order to detect the risk of fire or excessive temperature in the facility. The transmission of information happens fast and automatically to prepare the facility to contain fire as well as protect the employees and visitors in the case of an emergency. Key functions of a fire alarm and detection system includes flame detection, heat detection, smoke detection, linear heat detection, optical flame, beam smoke detection, air sampling detection, water flow detection, flammable gas detection etc. The entire system is designed and constructed as per the fire safety codes and regulations.

To find out about the different types of fire alarm control panels, reach out to one of our experts at Nationwide Fire Protection.

Talk to a Fire Alarm System Design Specialist

Fire safety code and other regulations for commercial kitchens and restaurants can change from time to time. As a responsible business owner, you stay well-informed about these codes and changes therein, in order to keep your facility safe and code compliant at all times. At Nationwide Fire Protection, we specialize in the design, construction and maintenance of a fire alarm and detection system in an entire restaurant building. From design to implementation, our professionals have ample experience in setting up a new restaurant or upgrading an existing commercial kitchen as per the essential regulations.

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