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Restoring Your Restaurant After a Fire

Fire in a commercial kitchen can lead to devastating consequences. Unlike the fire in a domestic kitchen, fire in a restaurant kitchen is very potent and dangerous and can spread very fast throughout the entire building or facility. The damage caused due to such fires means shutting down the restaurant altogether for some time. After […]

Tips for Maintaining Restaurant Fire Protection Systems

Opening a restaurant is both exciting and challenging. When building or remodeling a restaurant, you need to take even the minute details into consideration. One of the key challenges you will have to deal with is fire safety. It is your utmost responsibility to protect and take good care of all the employees who work […]

Understanding Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

The danger of fire is a reality for all commercial kitchens. A large amount of cooking, frying and food preparation on a constant basis makes the kitchen smoky and hot. Over time, the kitchen equipment and systems gather a lot of grease inside them, leading to an increased risk of grease fire, in particular. That […]

Why Fire Protection is Critical for Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

Restaurant fires happen every year. Improper use of cooking equipment and appliances is the main reason for the majority of these fires. Whether it is a restaurant, commercial kitchen, cafeteria or a dining center, it is crucial to implement highly effective fire prevention strategies. Proper fire protection will ensure your employees and guests remain safe […]

Six Systems to Avoid Potentially Dangerous, Life-threatening Fires

Commercial and industrial facilities have a constant need to prevent damage caused due to fire breakouts. If not controlled immediately, these fires can spread at lightning speed and inflict a great deal of damage, leading to both loss of properties and lives. That is exactly why businesses and commercial establishments are required to adhere to […]

Height Requirements for Fire Alarm Pull Station Installation

When you operate a restaurant or a facility where it is mandatory to have fire safety, you will need to install a fire suppression system. The safety of your employees and guests is always a top priority. If you plan to run your business in a hassle-free manner without violating safety and building codes, you […]

The Definitive Guide to Fire Extinguishers: Testing, Inspection and Maintenance Procedures

If a fire is just starting, you can put it out using portable fire extinguishers. If you operate a commercial kitchen, restaurant or cafeteria, you should always be ready to deal with sudden fire breakouts. As per the fire safety code, it is your responsibility to provide your staff and guests a safe working and […]

The One-Stop Shop for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Fire Alarm and Electrical System in a Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant

Running a restaurant business involves ensuring safety for the kitchen employees and visitors. When it comes to setting up a fire alarm system and electrical system in a restaurant or commercial kitchen, it can be difficult to navigate the complex maze of fire protection laws, codes and regulations. Whether it is the design or construction […]

Know When It’s Time To Clean Your Restaurant Ventilation

When operating a restaurant, you should always remain familiar with the NFPA 96 fire safety codes.  A commercial kitchen or large restaurant needs robust protection against different kinds of fire hazards. In order to reduce the fire hazards in your restaurant, you should keep all the commercial cooking equipment and the kitchen exhaust system properly clean. Due […]

Basic Guide to Fire Suppression System

Restaurants and commercial kitchens remain equipped with a variety of high-tech systems. Fire is a major danger in large kitchens. To eliminate the risk of kitchen fire, restaurant owners install fire suppressions systems. Constant cooking produces a lot of smoke, heat and grease in a kitchen. As a result of this, the kitchen environment becomes […]

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