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Restaurant maintenance is important for a multitude of reasons.

Cleanliness: A well-maintained restaurant provides an atmosphere where customers love to return. The floors, walls, and even the kitchen are spotless. Those are the characteristics of a successful restaurant.

Good Air Quality: Hoods, ducts and fans must be regularly maintained to maintain breathable air for customers and staff alike. Clean ventilation hoods will also keep your restaurant fire and health code compliant.

Fast-Acting Fire Alarms & Suppression Systems: Fire must be prevented at all costs in your commercial kitchen business. A well-maintained restaurant has fire alarms, fire extinguishers and other fire suppression components that are always in good working order.

Get your restaurant maintained by the best. Contact Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver, Colorado for a free estimate on any sized job.



Restaurant Maintenance by the Best in Denver, Colorado

Whether you require thorough cleaning or an equipment upgrade, we can handle all of your maintenance jobs from start to finish. Ask about our quality guarantee and regular maintenance programs.

Pressure Washing

We utilize the latest, most powerful equipment to make quick work of grease, dirt, grime, and debris. Your stainless kitchen equipment, floors, and other surfaces will be scrubbed clean and dried in preparation for the next day’s business. Keep your restaurant spotless by selecting pressure washing maintenance by NFP, Denver’s answer to those tough restaurant cleaning jobs.

Kitchen Cleaning

Every nook and cranny of your restaurant is a chance for dirt to hide. When keeping rodents and health inspectors at bay are of the utmost concern, you should always choose NFP for thorough restaurant cleaning. We use safe and powerful solvents to cut grease and wipe away dirt to leave your restaurant scrubbed clean for customers and inspectors alike.

Hood, Duct & Fan Services

Your ventilation hoods, ducts, and fans must be regularly maintained to keep the air quality in your kitchen and dining rooms at optimal levels. Even the smallest reduction in air quality can leave annoying and even dangerous substances in the air, which isn’t very conducive to restaurant success.

Don’t subject your staff and customers to anything other than clean, breathable air. Choose NFP in Denver for all your vent hood maintenance needs.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Services

You have invested too much in your appliances and cooking equipment to leave the cleaning to your restaurant staff. Let the professionals handle the dirtiest of jobs. We have the equipment and solvents to keep your kitchen appliance and equipment inventory looking its best and performing at optimal levels.

Fire Alarm Services & Fire Suppression Services

Keep the threat of fire to a minimum by hiring NFP for professional fire alarm and fire suppression system installations. We offer only top-quality equipment from well-known brands to ensure reliability long into the future.

The threat of fire can destroy your business and pose a threat to customer and staff lives. Give your restaurant business the protection it needs by choosing NFP for fire alarm and fire suppression systems that always respond when needed.

Contact Us for Restaurant Maintenance & Commercial Installation Services

At Nationwide Fire Protection, we can do it all. We can clean and maintain your restaurant while providing installations when equipment breaks down. When the success of your business relies on cleanliness, breathable air, and equipment efficiency, you owe to yourself to choose NFP.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Don’t forget to ask about our regular maintenance schedules that work on your time and budget.

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