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Top Fire Safety Myths Every Commercial Kitchen Owner Should Know

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Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection – Denver, CO : Fire safety saves lives, especially in commercial kitchens where there could be multiple employees. If you’re a restaurant owner, it is crucial to have a working knowledge of how to respond safely in the event of fire. Unfortunately, there are some myths that could lead to dangerous situations. Our experts at Nationwide Fire Protection took some time to set the facts straight and help you stay safe if fire breaks out in your commercial kitchen.

Smoke Versus Fire

It’s a common belief that most injuries related to fires are caused by heat and flames. The truth is that the majority of fire injuries and casualties are from smoke inhalation.
In fact, smoke can spread throughout an entire building in about three to five minutes, which is much faster than flames travel. Since smoke is made up of toxic materials including carbon monoxide, its inhalation causes people to pass out and suffocate.

Fire Alarms Will Sound Before Flames Erupt

We wish this was true, but regrettably, it’s not in all cases. As a cafe owner it is essential that you realize fire alarms do not always sound before the fire starts. Also, just because one fire alarm goes off, it does not mean that the others will follow suit.
The safest thing to do is use your evacuation plan swiftly upon hearing the fire alarm sound, get everyone to safety, and the rest can be sorted out later.

Speed of Growth

Another common misconception is that you’ll have plenty of time to escape a kitchen fire. However, flames spread rapidly, especially when surrounded by flammable materials like many commercial kitchens. In fact, fires may double in size with every passing minute. Don’t wait, evacuate.

Fire Sprinklers

Do you think that all the sprinklers in a system will activate at the same time? Not true. In fact, even with sophisticated fire detection like our Ansul systems, Denver Firefighters say that sprinklers are designed to react in each room individually. If activated in time, only one sprinkler is needed contain a fire, and that is the one that responds first.

Ensure Fire Safety with Fire Suppression Systems

Hood Builder can help with all of your commercial fire safety needs. We have the equipment and expertise to install wet or dry restaurant fire systems in Orange County and even nationwide at affordable prices.
Nationwide Fire Protection offers a wide selection of cutting-edge fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment. Our service teams can also conduct annual inspections to ensure that your equipment always meets all local, state, and federal fire codes. For more information, give us a call at (800)750-7313 or email us today.
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