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Why Perform Periodic Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance?

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Fire Alarm Repair – Denver, CO: We at Nationwide Fire Protection receive a lot of calls when people begin having sudden fire alarm or smoke detector problems, usually years after these systems have been installed and inspected. Often by that time, the problems affecting the business’s fire alarm system have been going on for quite some time. However, we advise all our customers to inspect and maintain their fire protective devices on a regular–yearly or twice a year–basis. Why? There are several significant reasons.


If your fire alarms are not working properly, they are not reliably protecting your people from the imminent danger of fire. Neither is your investment safe when your equipment and building are threatened by the risk of fire. If, for example, there is an electrical problem that is preventing your alarm from functioning properly and sounding off when smoke and fire really do emerge, then you need to know this before an irreversible catastrophe, like a kitchen fire– occurs.

Noise Nuisance Fees

If you have an over-active fire alarm that spontaneously goes off without there actually being a fire, you are familiar with the idea of noise nuisance. The Fire Department may excuse an instance of being called onto a site by accident, but usually, you will be charged for calling them out chronically for no reason. This is costly and embarrassing. Dust and debris can set off your fire alarms intermittently, or your system may be reacting to another factor that activates it. Your best bet is to have a professional team inspect and evaluate your fire alarm system for optimal functioning, and ensure that a false alarm will not sound again.

Insurance Claims

In the event that there is a fire at your restaurant or other business, you need to be sure that you did everything in your power to safeguard against it. If that is not the case–the fire insurance you have been paying for will be useless. Firstly, insurance companies require you to have yearly testing anyway to remain on the policy. But when you submit your claim after a fire, there needs to be evidence that everything was checked to be in working order for you to receive money for reconstructing or compensating for damages. The fees for regular maintenance are more than worth it when hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line in case of a real emergency.

To set up a routine fire alarm inspection and maintenance, please call Nationwide Fire Protection at 1(800)750-7313.

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