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Fire Alarm Installation and Repair Services in Denver, CO and Los Angeles, CA

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The last thing you want as a restaurant business owner is to have your business close down due to a devastating and expensive fire. A fire can close your commercial kitchen operation down for weeks, months, or years. The thing is, each day your doors remain closed, the more expensive it is for you, the restaurant owner.

That is why you should always maintain operational and effective fire alarms, so that you can be alerted the moment heavy smoke or fire erupts in your kitchen or dining areas.


Fire Alarm Installation Services

If your fire alarms aren’t as effective as they could be, you might not be alerted if fire does break out. Not all fires are immediately noticeable. You may have a fire on the roof, which could damage your business’s HVAC system. All the resulting smoke from that fire can then flow through your business through the air conditioning system, causing immense damage to surfaces, floors, walls, and other areas that fire doesn’t even have to touch. Of course, if the fire rages out of control, your business could suffer even further.

At Nationwide Fire Protection, now serving customers throughout Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California, we offer the best fire alarm installation services that you can always rely on.

We take pride in designing and installing automatic fire alarm systems. When you order a fire alarm system from NFP, you can feel confident that your system will be tailored to your unique needs, as well as the needs of your business.

As an experienced craftsman, we guarantee that our fire alarm installation services will meet every code requirement established by all relevant local agencies. This includes the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This keeps you code-compliant and confident that your business is always protected from dangerous fire.


Fire Alarm System Maintenance and Repairs

Do you know if your fire alarm systems are fully-operational? If not, you owe it to yourself and your peace of mind to call Nationwide Fire Protection. Whether your business is in the Denver or Los Angeles areas, we can come out to inspect every inch of your fire alarm system to ensure it’s always watching out for your commercial kitchen investment.

If any part of your system needs to be repaired or replaced, with NFP you’re always in great hands. We are a one-stop-shop for all fire protection services, which means that we can perform all necessary repairs in-house.

Once your system has been repaired, we can then schedule you for regular fire alarm system maintenance. Our maintenance protocols are designed to ensure your fire alarm always reacts to smoke and fire as it should, which will keep your restaurant, staff, and customers safe while protecting your business investment.


Get Annual Fire Alarm System Inspections

Our fire alarm installation and repair services can keep your business safe, but regular maintenance of your systems will give you the necessary peace of mind. With routine inspection and testing of your fire alarm equipment, you’ll always know the system will react quickly at the slightest hint of a dangerous blaze.


Visual Devices

The moment smoke begins to appear and the risk of fire becomes great, you want to know that your fire alarm systems will give off the necessary visual clues. Being able to see flashing lights and other fire risk indicators can help with rapid evacuation and provide the means for rapid fire suppression and protection.


Monitoring Connections

To ensure that your fire alarm system is always operating at optimal levels, we will perform thorough inspections of all wiring and connections. When a single frayed wire or other defects could mean trouble for restaurant owners, we will ensure that all connections to your fire alarms are solid and working as they should.


Annunciators, Bells & Horns

Audible clues can help you react to fire quickly, which can help you evacuate staff and customers, and keep your restaurant safe. We can inspect and repair all annunciators, bells, horns, and other audible systems to keep your fire alarm systems in constant alert mode.


Elevator Recall Systems

We can check your elevator systems to keep elevator recall systems in full operation. This can keep staff and customers safe and makes sure everyone can evacuate your building quickly if fire ever does break out near your restaurant.


Smoke Detector Sensitivity

We can make sure your fire alarm installation services are set so that you’re only alerted when there’s a risk of fire. This means that your systems won’t go off merely due to high heat or steam from cookers and fryers. Rather, only fire-bearing smoke will cause your fire alarm systems to alert you, allowing you to react fast with fire extinguishers and other fire suppression activities.


Duct & Thermal Detectors

We offer state-of-the-art fire alarm system installations and repair, which means that we can make sure you’re always alerted to the risk of fire, even if that fire originates in your duct-work or other hidden services. We offer thermal detection that will sense fire, even in hard to reach places.


Tamper and Flow Switches

We can inspect, repair, and provide fire alarm installations for all tamper and flow switches to keep your fire suppression systems in top working order.


Ground Fault Detection Circuitry & Grounded Field Wiring

Since we are a one-stop-shop for all fire protection services, you can feel safe that your fire alarm system will be protected from electrical surges and other relevant issues. We can also repair all electrical work, ensuring that your fire alarm systems are always on constant alert.


Fire Phones & Battery Standby

We can provide extra services to keep you safe, such as fire phones that can be used in an emergency and battery standby to keep your fire alarm system working even in the presence of electrical problems.


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Are your fire alarm systems in good working order? Find out today by calling Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California for professional fire alarm system installation, repair, and maintenance.