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10 Fire Protection Tips to Maintain a Safe Workplace All Year Long

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A fire can quickly spread out of control, doing untold damage to your building, staff, and customers. According to OSHA, workplace fires and explosions kill hundreds and injure thousands of workers each year. These fires also account for billions in property damage.

All of these deadly fires had one thing common: They broke out when everyone least expected. Unexpected fires in the workplace can be caused by a variety of factors like faulty gas lines, improperly stored combustible chemicals, and open flames. All it takes is one out-of-control fire to destroy your business and snuff out life.

Take the proper precautions by following these ten tips for keeping your workplace safe from fire 24/7 to protect your investment and save innocent lives.

Make fire protection equipment like fire extinguishers easily accessible.

The moment a fire breaks out, time is of the essence. A staff member discovering a fire needs to act quickly, which may mean grabbing a fire extinguisher. Ensure that all equipment is visible and not blocked in any way so that personnel can react when needed.

Maintain a tidy workplace, which includes properly storing any combustible materials.

Clutter won’t just lower employee morale and customer engagement, but it’s also fuel for fire. Teach your staff to clean up after themselves and educate all on the importance of reading labels and storing combustible materials in their proper places.

Dispose of any trash, debris, or materials that can easily catch on fire.

Take out the trash, as the slightest spark can send paper and other dry and combustible materials wildly flaring out of control. Similarly, you will want to ensure your grease traps and vent hoods are cleaned, for commercial kitchens, and that you discard oily rags by placing them in a metal container and emptying them regularly.

Maintain all equipment and appliances, so they’re in good working order.

A well-serviced machine runs as it should. It puts out maximum output and maintains that workload until quitting time. When your machines and appliances are allowed to run out of steam or become defective, not only is efficiency sacrificed, but you’re also facing a potential a fire hazard. Engage in regular equipment maintenance to check for faulty equipment, frayed wires, and other critical issues that can lead to a dangerous fire.

Leave the electrical repair to the experts.

Train your staff to keep an eye out for any equipment, electrical boxes, or appliances that spark. These instances should be reported immediately to a professional electrician. Never attempt to repair an electrical issue yourself without adequate training and equipment. Doing so can lead to deadly consequences, including fire.

Ensure your fire protection equipment is always charged and well-maintained.

The last thing you want is to face a fire only to find that your fire extinguishers aren’t working. A company like Nationwide Fire Protection can give you peace of mind in knowing that your fire extinguishers will always operate as they should. While you’re at it, don’t forget to regularly check and maintain your fire alarm, fire extinguishers, and other fire protection equipment. Making sure your fire equipment is ready at the go is necessary so that you can put out fires quickly when every second counts.

Have a fire evacuation plan of action.

Your staff should be trained to act quickly at the sound of your fire alarm. Staff panicking instead of acting can cost you precious time that could be spent fighting the fire. Have the areas of evacuation clearly marked and your exit signs brightly illuminated so that there’s little question as to how to proceed when arid smoke fills the building.

Are You Prepared for the Outbreak of Fire?

How safe is your workplace, really? When it comes to fire, have you checked all the exits, maintained your fire extinguishers, and ensured that your fire alarm will sound when it matters most? Don’t wait for a fire to break out before you think about the safety of your business, personnel, and customers.

Instead, get help from fire protection experts.

Your Fire Protection is in Good Hands in Denver, CO

Nationwide Fire Protection can help you maintain a safe and fire-free workplace. Get help with your fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire suppression equipment, and experience peace of mind. We work with you to find a maintenance schedule that works with your business and budget.

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