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Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Inspect, Troubleshooting, and Repair

Fire Suppression Systems Inspect, Troubleshooting, and Repair | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

A key challenge that running a commercial kitchen or a restaurant presents is to ensure maximum fire protection for the employees as well as visitors. In fact, the NFPA has laid out clear guidelines in regard to staying compliant with the fire code. That is exactly why every restaurant owner needs to outfit their facility with a fire suppression system while getting timely inspection and maintenance to keep the system fully operational. These fire systems work in conjunction with other devices as fire alarm systems for enhanced safety of the facility or building. 


Over time, the fire suppression system that you have installed will go through changes that will arise the need for inspection, troubleshooting, and repair. You should always hire the services of expertly trained professionals to maintain your fire protection systems in a proper manner.

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Although all fire suppression systems serve one common purpose, all of them are not the same in terms of features and functionality. Which system is ideal for your needs depends on what kind of commercial facility you operate, the size of the facility, and the level of fire risks in the facility. Before you install a fire prevention system in your commercial kitchen, restaurant, cafeteria, or dining facility, you should seek professional help for accurate planning and design.

Different types of fire suppression systems include:

  • Wet sprinkler systems
  • Dry sprinkler systems
  • Deluge sprinkler systems
  • Clean agent systems
  • Wet chemical systems
  • Dry chemical systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers

Based on the specific design of the fire system, their inspection and maintenance have different kinds of requirements. At Nationwide Fire Protection (NFP), we specialize in the installation, troubleshooting, and repair of a wide range of fire suppression systems for commercial use. When your fire system is in need of an inspection, you should reach out to one of our professionals in our Denver, CO, office to restore and maintain full operational efficiency.

Fire System Inspection

The purpose of a fire suppression system inspection is to get rid of potential issues before they actually arise and disrupt the functioning of the system. As the owner or the facility manager, it is your topmost duty to maintain the fire system in a proper manner. Timely inspection will keep the fire protection system operating with full efficiency so that fire hazards can be avoided.

To remain fire code-compliant, it is important to stay up-to-date with the guidelines and regulations of the NFPA. While you may not have full knowledge of the current fire codes, fire system specialists do. Apart from the national regulations, there are many other state codes that you need to adhere to. If you do not have trained professionals by your side, dealing with all of this can be quite difficult. The inspection of a particular type of fire suppression system needs to be conducted in accordance with the relevant codes and regulations. At Nationwide Fire Protection, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the fire codes as well as know how they apply to the fire system you have installed in your commercial facility.

Our inspection procedure aims to find deficiencies in the fire suppression system so that future problems and failures can be avoided. Whether it is the gauges, control valves, pressure reducing valves, signal devices, fire sprinkler operation, fire pumps, or fire hydrants, our inspection specialist will test and examine the entire system in detail to identify potential problems.

The inspection involves identifying the current status of the system, its placement, recent discharges, and whether there has been any change in the layout of the system. Once the inspection has been completed, the specialist will document the findings and submit the report to you. The detailed report will make you aware of any potential issues that your fire suppression system may have as well as suggest to you the most ideal options for their repair. The inspection report will also be submitted to the concerned authorities for code compliance needs.

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    Fire Suppression


    Fire System Troubleshooting

    No matter what type of fire suppression system you have installed in your restaurant or commercial kitchen, it will occasionally malfunction. While regular inspection and maintenance will keep most of the problems away, you should not ignore any small or big problems as you spot them.

    Common Fire system problems include:

    Gas Turbine Enclosure Deterioration:

    The design concentration of each gaseous fire protection system is different. What is crucial is to keep the space tight so that the discharged gas concentration can properly accumulate. If the gas turbine generator enclosure is not adequately tight, it will need to be repaired or replaced with a new one. Over time, the device faces deterioration and troubleshooting is important to find issues with the same. The technician will conduct a full gas discharge test to see if the device is working efficiently or not.

    Human Error:

    One of the common issues with a fire system is damage caused due to human error. Due to a lack of knowledge, many people use some parts of the system for hanging things or other uses. As a result of this, the pipes of the fire sprinkler system wear out. This does not simply damage one component, but it compromises the entire fire protection system. 

    Overheating and Freezing:

    A fire suppression system can malfunction both when it gets overheated and when its pipes freeze. As far as overheating is concerned, it is crucial to identify a proper location in the facility for the placement of the fire sprinkler system. Likewise, steps need to be taken to prevent the pipes of the system from freezing in different conditions. 

    Mechanical Damage:

    Just like any other system, fire suppression systems are not fully secure against mechanical damage. That is exactly why you need to schedule regular maintenance services to keep the system operating at maximum efficiency level. As soon as you spot any minor issue, you should reach out to a fire system specialist such as the Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver, CO, and give the system the necessary maintenance it requires.


    Since fire sprinkler systems use water to contain and extinguish restaurant fires, they also get corroded. It is one of the most common problems that arise with a fire system. Water damage often causes leaks in the system and it also causes damage to the facility. If you plan to ensure the highest level of system functionality, you should always pay immediate attention to water leaks or damages done due to corrosion by water. Troubleshooting by technicians will help diagnose the problem efficiently and apply the ideal solution to get rid of it.

    Unreliable Water Supply:

    For efficient operation, the fire suppression system needs a reliable water supply connection. If the water supply is not adequate, the fire system will malfunction or fail to do its job. Usually, the water comes from municipal waterworks or a private system. The NFPA has laid out regulations in this regard for the automatic refilling of the suction tank. If your fire system has malfunctioned due to insufficient water supply, the troubleshooting procedure will diagnose the exact problem and suggest the most ideal solution to fix it.

    If you plan for enhanced protection against the risk of fire, you should never install a fire suppression system that is substandard. To keep your kitchen staff as well as visitors safe, you should always invest in a high quality and branded fire systems such as Amerex, Ansul, Buckeye, Pyrochem, and Rangeguard fire suppression systems. For more details on these fire systems and professional installation and maintenance, you should get in touch with Nationwide Fire Protection, which serves restaurants and food service facilities all over Denver, CO.

    Fire System Repair

    Fire systems are designed for installation in large kitchens where a wide range of heavy equipment and cooking appliances are used. The purpose of these systems is to put out the fire before it spreads and takes a dangerous shape. The fire system should activate at the sign of high heat or flash. 

    If the fire detection system does not respond instantly, it could increase the risk of the fire getting bigger and more devastating. This could jeopardize the lives of the kitchen employees as well as guests. That is why it is extremely important to get all the necessary repairs done fast. Minor repairs delayed can turn into bigger problems and compromise the entire fire protection system. Plus, every fire system has a shelf life beyond which it either needs repair or replacement. 

    Different parts of a fire suppression system include:

    • Motorized alarm
    • Sprinkler heads
    • Fire alarm panel
    • Stop valve
    • Initiating device
    • Smoke control system
    • Fire command center
    • Fire pumps

    Over time, many kinds of issues may arise with the components of a fire suppression system. Whether it is a small repair or a big one, you should rely only on the most skilled technicians to perform the job. Timely repair services from professionals will not just keep away major problems, but will also prolong the lifespan of your kitchen’s fire suppression system. At Nationwide Fire Protection, we have a highly trained and smart team of licensed technicians who specialize in the repair of Pyrochem, Ansul, Amerex, Rangeguard, and Kidde fire systems.

    Talk to a Fire Suppression System Expert

    A fire system for a commercial kitchen, restaurant, or dining facility consists of several components. As a responsible facility manager, it is your foremost duty to maintain the system’s operational efficiency at all times in order to protect the occupants of the facility and the facility itself. If you are in need of a high quality fire suppression system for your restaurant or need inspection and maintenance services, you should head over to Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver, CO. Our services include fire protection system installation, fire alarm installation, fire system inspection, fire system maintenance and repair as well as commercial hood installation. With our highly trained professionals by your side, you can ensure enhanced safety against kitchen fire and remain compliant with the NFPA fire codes and regulations.

    To schedule your fire system consultation, maintenance, or repair, you should give our office a quick phone call or write us an email using the contact form on our website. One of our specialists will revert back fast.


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