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Guide to Fire Suppression System and Fire Protection Inspection

Fire Suppression System | Nationwide Fire Protection | Denver Colorado

In a restaurant, the most important place in the kitchen. It is the kitchen where all the different types of delicious food are cooked. In fact, the kitchen is the lifeblood of a restaurant. However, the kitchen is never free from the risk of fire. The kitchen environment is exposed to heat on a regular basis, and that is exactly why it is also vulnerable to breaking out fires. There are various reasons why fires can break out in the kitchen. Therefore, the restaurant owner has the responsibility to reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Fire suppression systems play a crucial role in suppressing different types of fires in the kitchen. The fire suppression system is designed in a way to prevent the occurrence of fire as well as extinguish the fire. If a fire breaks out in a restaurant or building and is controlled immediately, internal damage can be reduced. The fire must be stopped in the early stage to prevent loss of life.

Fire suppression systems are required both in places where people visit frequently as well as those places which have lots of equipment. These systems use a mix of wet agents and dry chemicals to prevent the occurrence and spread of fire in a building or restaurant. If you want more details on how fire suppression systems function, you should get in touch with Nationwide Fire Protection, a company that specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of restaurant fire systems. The company offers its services in Colorado and Utah.

The Significance of a Fire Suppression System

A kitchen is constantly exposed to a lot of heat. In large, high-end kitchens, cooking goes on uninterruptedly. The kitchen has a wide variety of cooking equipment. When fire breaks out in a kitchen, it is most often due to one of the cooking equipment being used. When you know that cooking equipment leads to the most kitchen fires, you can also take the necessary steps to prevent them. A restaurant fire suppression system is the first defense mechanism that you need to install. By using a high quality fire system, you can reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Besides using a fire suppression system, you should also train your workers and teach them what to do when a fire breaks out. Very quickly, your employees can learn how to use a fire suppression system, and then you can be ready to deal with fire accidents in the kitchen in an effective manner.

It is important to understand which types of restaurants should get a fire suppression system installed for safety. For all sizes of commercial kitchens, installing a fire system is extremely essential. The amount of cooking that goes on in a commercial kitchen is huge. Chefs, assistants, and other workers keep working in the kitchen to fulfill the food orders of guests. Regardless of where such a kitchen is located, it does need to install a fire suppression system. In the large kitchens or fast food kitchens, fires can break out anytime and they can quickly spread throughout the entire building, if not controlled or suppressed in time. A fire suppression system kicks off immediately in the event of a fire and the fire gets suppressed.

A restaurant fire suppression system works so efficiently that the fire breakout can be controlled quickly without suffering a lot of loss or shutting out the kitchen completely. The workers can resume work again quickly.

Different Brands, Different Features

The purpose of all restaurant fire suppression systems is the same. They are designed to prevent and suppress fire in the kitchen. However, there are many brands that produce fire suppression systems. So, the features may slightly vary from one brand of a fire suppression system to another.

A fire suppression system remains linked to the kitchen hood as well as the gas line. If the restaurant fire system trips, the gas line shuts off the gas supply, and the source of the fire is closed. There are different types of a fire breakouts. If the fire continues to burn even after the supply of gas is cut, the fire suppression system does its job of putting off the remaining fire. The nozzles in the fire system discharge the fire suppressant, which puts out the rest of the flames.

Restaurant fire systems are easy to use for anyone. At the time of the installation, the service provider will give you a manual, which has all the details and instructions in regard to the use of the fire system.

All fire suppression systems are not of the same size. They can be designed to suit the specific needs of various kitchens. Fire suppression systems are often installed into the exhaust hood of a kitchen. The installation company can evaluate the specific needs and then adjust the size of the fire suppression system. If you are looking for a service provider who can customize the size of the fire suppression system as per your specific requirements, you should get in touch with Nationwide Fire Protection, which operates in the areas of Colorado and Utah.

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    Fire Suppression

    Types of Fire Suppression Systems

    When you want to choose the right type of fire suppression system for your restaurant, you need to know about the different types of these systems. Different fire systems work in different ways to deal with different kinds of fire threats. One of the most well-known types of fire systems is the carbon dioxide system. This system uses the carbon dioxide gas to suppress fire.

    Many places and buildings use the clean agent fire suppression system. If you are looking for an eco-friendly system to put out fire, this is the type of system you should go for. This fire system uses eco-friendly chemical reagents and is commonly used in data centers. Restaurant fire systems are a category of their own. Since restaurants have a high risk of getting fire, these suppression systems are specifically designed to deal with fire in the kitchen. A restaurant fire system is quite efficient in dealing with fire caused due to grease. As soon as the restaurant fire system detects fire, it is activated to release wet chemicals. The restaurant fire system also comes with a feature which makes cleanup quick and easy.

    How to Find a Fire Protection Inspection Company

    The job of a fire protection system is a critical one. Whether or not the need for using such a system has arisen yet, you should always make sure your fire protection system is in good order. You never know when a fire can break out in your restaurant. So, you should always be ready to deal with the occurrence of fire. If your fire protection system is faulty or it has not been inspected for a long time, the system can fail to perform its task when you are in an emergency.

    When you have a fire protection system in place, you should always be fully confident that it will be ready at a moment’s notice – in the event of a fire breakout. That is why it is extremely important to work with a fire protection inspection company which keeps your restaurant safe and helps you comply with the fire codes. You’ll come across many such companies out there. However, you should take the time to choose the right fire protection inspection company. There are some key pointers that you should consider in this regard to find the right company.

    Licenses and Certifications:

    When looking for a fire protection inspection company, the first thing to check out is the licenses and certifications. For remaining compliant, the inspection company needs to be licensed. For example, Nationwide Fire Protection is licensed to inspect fire protection systems in Denver, Colorado and Utah. The Nationwide Fire Protection is also affiliated with the National Fire Protection Agency and the Colorado Division of Fire Safety Fire Suppression Program. At the same time, the company is also fully insured and bonded.

    Compliance with Fire Codes:

    The National Fire Protection Association has listed a series of regulations that fire protection inspection companies must adhere to. It is not possible to understand these regulations yourself. It is wise to choose a company which has deep expertise in these fire codes and regulations. The Nationwide Fire Protection strictly abides by the NFPA regulations to ensure the safety of your workers, guests and your restaurant business as a whole. All the crew members in this company are quite well-versed to adhere to the National Fire Prevention Association Standards as well as state and local codes.

    Maintenance Agreements:

    Inspection of a fire protection system is not a one-time thing. As per the law, you should conduct these inspections on a regular basis to ensure safety and reduce the risk of fire hazards. You can get in touch with a fire protection inspection company to enter into a maintenance agreement. In this way, you can remove your worries about calling the company every time you want the fire protection inspection to be done. The company will automate the inspection so that you never miss an inspection deadline.

    Emergency Services:

    Fire protection inspection companies are always on their toes to deal with emergency situations. They offer emergency services so that your business is safe even when it is closed. Fires can break out anytime of the day or night. So, it is always better to be prepared. You can ask the fire protection company for their mobile fire inspection trucks and use their services to handle any emergency that happens outside of the business hours.

    Fire Protection Inspection Services

    According to the NFPA regulations, you should conduct the inspection of the fire protection equipment in your restaurant or building. Nationwide Fire Protection will perform the inspection of all of your fire protection equipment. The company offers the following range of inspection services.

    Fire Alarm Inspections:

    When a fire breaks out, the fire alarm system sends an alert in the entire building. A faulty fire alarm system can really take its toll and lead to loss of life and property. Therefore, the inspection of a fire alarm system including the sensors, horns and control panels is of extreme importance. Professionals from Nationwide Fire Protection are well-trained to perform this inspection and repair or replace the various components of the alarm system.

    Fire System Inspection:

    Cooking equipment fire is the most common type of fire. As a restaurant owner, you should always ensure that the fire suppression system in your kitchen is in tip-top shape. Nationwide Fire Protection offers routine maintenance and repair of the kitchen fire suppression system. The company adheres to the NFPA terms and regulations for enhanced safety.

    Fire Sprinklers Inspection:

    If you have a fire protection system in your building, you most likely have a fire sprinkler as well. When a fire breaks out, it is the fire sprinklers that kick off first for your defense. Since fire sprinklers are such an important part of your entire safety system, you should always get them inspected on a regular basis and make sure they are in perfect order. A fire sprinkler consists of various parts such as switches, gauges, and pipes. Nationwide Fire Protection is well-known for its proper and thorough testing and inspection of fire sprinklers.

    Fire Extinguishers Inspection:

    According to a study, more than 90% of commercial place fires are put out using fire extinguishers. That is why fire protection inspection includes the monitoring of fire extinguishers as well. Professionals from Nationwide Fire Protection know exactly how to efficiently perform the inspection of fire extinguishers. The company is fully aware of the common issues that arise with fire extinguishers from time to time. So, you can always feel confident that the testing, monitoring, and maintenance of all your fire extinguishers will be done in a proper and professional manner.

    Emergency Lighting Inspection:

    Among other inspections, the inspection of your emergency lighting system is also important. You can get this inspection performed either in-house by your safety officers or call Nationwide Fire Protection for detailed testing and inspection of the same. However, you should get the annual inspection done by a licensed professional.


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