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10 Reasons Commercial Hood Installation and Cleaning the Kitchen Go Hand in Hand

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 Commercial Hood Installation – Denver:  The National Fire Protection Association requires that all commercial kitchen operations take every precaution to guard against fire. The ventilation system of those establishments plays an essential aspect in keeping a dangerous and deadly blaze at bay. This is why installing fresh vent hoods is a good investment for restaurant and other commercial kitchen establishment owners who are intent on keeping their staff, customers, and enterprises safe.

While you are ordering vent hood installation by a qualified crew, why not consider a full kitchen scrub down? 

If you think about it, switching out your ventilation hoods is important for keeping a kitchen spotless and free of soot, smoke, sparks, or flames. Those elements can cause a deadly fire to spread out of control, which in turn can cause structural damage, harm to the public, and can cause injuries or worse to your kitchen staff. 

Don’t take the chance. Instead, here are ten reasons it pays to combine vent hood installation and full-scale kitchen cleaning at the same time. Then call Nationwide Fire Protection in Denver to receive a free estimate

  1. Combining Both Kitchen Services Shortens Downtime

    Some restaurants have tiny “time windows” when serious work like this can be done. The vent hood installation crew might come after hours, but someone has to let them in. Then you need to schedule cleaning for a separate night. Wouldn’t it better to schedule both at the same time? With a vent hood installation and cleaning crew, you only have to experience downtime once.

  2. You Lengthen the Life of Your Vent Hoods

    Even with top-of-the-line vent hood installation, that equipment has to work extra hard if it’s attached to dirty ductwork, fans, and motors. Keep your entire ventilation system working as it should by scheduling vent hood installation and cleaning simultaneously. You’ll keep your equipment working efficiently, which will save on replacement costs in the future and plenty of energy costs in the present time.

  3. Fire Risk is Greatly Diminished

    A clean kitchen is a safer kitchen, especially where fire is concerned. Restaurants across the country suffer millions of dollars in damages due to fire every year. To keep your restaurant from succumbing to smoke or fire damage, it’s an excellent idea to order vent hood installation and cleaning together. That way you know all the grease and fat are scoured away with brand new ventilation equipment to keep people and property safe for a long time to come. 

  4. Hood Installation & Cleaning Keeps Air Quality Pure

    Getting a new vent hood means that you are taking the necessary steps to improve your restaurant’s ventilation. A new hood will suck out all the bad air and capture grease and soot, along with dirt and debris, to keep your kitchen staff and customers breathing easy. Adding kitchen cleaning on top of those services further purifies the air, making your restaurant a friendly locale that patrons will love to visit.

  5. Your Cleaning Crew Can Work with Your Installation Team

    Proper cleaning of a ventilation system often requires the equipment to be taken apart piece by piece. A kitchen cleaning crew that is unfamiliar with the installation of your vent hood might make a mistake, which can harm your restaurant’s air quality and increase the risk of fire. 

    By ordering vent hood installation and cleaning together and hopefully by the very same crew, you know you’re working with professionals who are intimately familiar with your equipment for proper cleaning and safety. 

  6. Food Quality Will Remain High

    Installing new vent hoods is a great way to keep impurities from contaminating the food you prepare for your customers. When you schedule vent hood installation and kitchen cleaning simultaneously, you ensure your cooking surfaces remain spotless and decrease the likelihood of developing a pest problem. Both services together just make sense for a restaurant intent on serving delicious food with every meal.

  7. It Looks Good for Inspectors

    The health and fire inspectors like to see regular commercial kitchen cleaning. When you schedule ventilation hood installation and cleaning at once, you make the inspector’s job much easier. You also allay the public’s concerns that your restaurant may not be up to par. With installation and cleaning by professional commercial kitchen experts, you can keep your kitchen always looking and performing at its best for the inspector’s ultimate satisfaction.

  8. You Can Catch Potential Problems Early On

    Vent hood installations will ensure you get a warranty on your equipment, and that your vent hoods are likely to work efficiently for an extended length of time. By scheduling cleaning on top of the installation, the crews can look for areas where maintenance may be required. Examples include frayed wires, faulty hood fans, and many other issues. This prevents future issues, which can cut down on costs overall.

  9. Hood Installation & Cleaning Cuts Down On Costs

    Speaking of costs, if you can manage to get vent hood installation and cleaning by the same company, then you will get a discount on both services. You can vet the company to ensure they do a thorough job. Your vent hood should be of the highest quality with warranties that offer you the security you deserve. The commercial kitchen hood cleaning service will then ensure your restaurant remains clean and safe from any type of fire-based threat. That would be ideal, as you’ll be working with a single company for all your vent hood installation and cleaning needs.

  10. Your Restaurant Will Get Excellent Reviews

    When a restaurant is clean, the good word tends to spread around. Keep your kitchen vent hood installation and cleaning together and in the best hands. Trust Nationwide Fire Protection, now serving customers throughout Denver, Colorado. We can ensure your vent hood is top-notch and that your commercial kitchen is thoroughly cleaned for commercial kitchen services you can count on. Get in touch today and receive a free estimate.